Ask a Very Smart Brotha Live: Lying on the Equipment & Being Friend Zoned

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Tiffany:  Hey Damon, longtime listener, first time caller ‘er something… 🙂 My man & I got back together about a month ago after a brief break. The first couple weeks back he was telling me he loved me & showing me he cared by giving hugs, kisses, cuddling, etc. without me having to ask. A couple more weeks have gone by, and the affection has pretty much stopped. I’ve brought it up to him that I need more affection, especially since I know he’s capable of it (or at least he was for a couple weeks). He says his feelings haven’t changed & that I’m being petty for wanting more affection. He wasn’t raised in a very affectionate household, so that’s his excuse. Am I stupid to think he will come around again & show me affection like he did when we got back together? All other aspects of our relationship are great, but this ‘petty’ thing is a huge deal for me (and he knows that).

D.Y. This is one of those situations where you have to figure out if the minus of him not being affectionate outweighs the plusses he brings to the table.

Also, if he knows you’d like some more affection and basically calls you stupid for asking him for it, that’s not a very good sign for how he feels about you and your relationship.

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