Former SNL Comedian Says He’s Neither Racist Nor Homophobic, His Twitter Rant Says Otherwise

May 21, 2012  |  

It’s funny how people stand so strong in their racist and homophobic convictions but refuse to accept those labels when they’re put on them. Anytime someone prefaces a statement with, “I believe everyone should have equal rights, but” you pretty much know bigotry will follow and that’s exactly were we are with former SNL comedian Colin Quinn. Hopefully this man is comfortable being an unemployed stand-up comic because he’s pretty much angered the entire black and gay community over the course of a three-day Twitter rant on equality when it comes to race and sexual preference. Don’t worry, he’s not racist or homophobic though. Let’s look at the long line of inappropriate comments he made late last week:

Now if you don’t support same-sex marriage, you’re well within your rights to express that however somewhere in between protesting this effort, Colin attempts to out a bunch of stars like former SNL castmate Will Ferrell by saying he was one of the closet celebs on set but he doesn’t want to blow his cover because his wife is his “anchor” but he has an “elf” like quality that made him wonder. And that’s his business how? He also suggests John Travolta is homosexual among other male actors and points out all sorts of questionable behavior, playing into the whole feminine versus manly man gay argument.

Switching from an anti-homosexual stance to one of white power, a day or two after going in on gay celebrities, Colin expressed his terror at stats showing minority births are growing in the U.S.:

This foolishness on top of John Derbyshire’s comments last week about White Europeans running better society’s really has me baffled. I thought deep down white people knew their racism was pretty baseless but I’m realizing some people really believe they are superior—and that they own America. It’s easy to see how this country was founded like it was. When fear kicks in about other races overpowering them, white people tend to lash out. Luckily followers have been letting Colin have it all weekend for proudly proclaiming such ridiculous ideas—unfortunately, he thinks this is good news since TMZ reached out to him for more info about his statements. He tweeted “Finally a little publicity for standing up for what’s right! #backontop

No, finally a little publicity for being viciously inappropriate. Good luck with that in “your” country.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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