Got A What?! Yo, Gotta Get A Ruffneck! Cutie Pie Celebs Who’ve Been Around The Block

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Think back for a minute to when you were in high school.  Am I the only one who thought that the “ruffnecks” were the guys to be seen with??  They were often the cutest boys in school who wore the flyest clothes.  As we got older,our taste [hopefully] matured from dudes who looked like – and might – they would beat the ish out of anyone who looked at them for a second too long to someone who as a bit more tame.  In fact, maybe he have looked tough on the outside but was a softie on the inside.  This guy is the “semi ruffneck,” if you will.  There are a few celebrity men who also fit that bill so check out the “semi ruffnecks” we’re loving and make sure to add your faves too!


Kevin Garnett

If you’ve ever watched one game that involved Kevin Garnett, you are well aware that he pops the most junk EVER and gets in your face just for his own amusement.  He looks like he’s always ready to go to war but once he’s off the court, that peanut head man I love turns into all smiles.




In case you’re not completely familiar, Maino is the rapper from Brooklyn who came out with “Hi Hater” in 2007.  He actually served 10 years of prison time on a five to 15 sentence for a drug related kidnapping.  After his release in 2003, he focused heavily on the music and is the man you see today.  He walks around tough and will probably punch you in the mouth if you test him but more often than not, he is extremely charismatic and seems fun to be around. Also, the ladies love him and he loves the ladies. Nice body too.  I’m not sure how we feel about getting with brothers who have done serious prison time for crimes similar to his but Maino is nice to lust over. *focusing*



Michael Kenneth Williams

Full disclosure? I’ve never seen The Wire. Nope, not even one full episode. All I knew was that Idris played Stringer Bell and that Michael Kenneth Williams played Omar.  There, I said it. Shoot me down if you must! Anyway, after I first saw Michael, I kept thinking that he will always be offered to play really mean roles, primarily because of his scar.  Yes, he’s had his rough and tough days: the scar is from when he got sliced by another group of guys he and his friends had been fighting.  But the buck stops there. He turned his life around and became…a dancer. Michael’s been on tour with George Michael and Madonna; he’s even choreographed a couple of music videos.  So, his roles on The Wire, Lackawanna Blues and currently on Boardwalk Empire are just that: roles. Most interviewers describe him as lots of fun and full of laughter.



Let me point out how hard it was for me to find a picture of Redman without the love of his life. (Google him and you’ll see the pattern if you don’t already know.)  Redman seems to love a good laugh, especially when he’s “flying,” but he’s the kind of guy you just can’t get a read on.  You know, the one that was having a grand time with you and the next thing you know he’s mad and ready to curse you out. He’s the one that if he was your boyfriend in high school, he would have made you feel like a loser for going to class. LOL!


Young Jeezy

Jeezy is a nice guy. Plain and simple.  He loves spending time with his family, appreciates his fans and gives back to his community.  There aren’t many people who have a lot of bad things to say about him.  But when he first started taking his rap career seriously, he was supported by Black Mafia Family (simply known as BMF). Without getting into it too much, BMF allegedly made over $1 billion in drug trafficking before they were taken down by the DEA. Yes, we’re talking some real live gangster stuff here. Jeezy’s affiliation lends to the notion that if necessary, he can be “about that life” that many only pretend to have. Still, we love him.


Method Man

If you have never checked for Method Man, we cannot continue to be e-friends!  From the moment I saw him back in the early 90s, I knew my little teenaged self was forever changed. All I wanted was a version of Meth for myself.  What did my mother say? “You want a boy like that thug? You’ll find yourself in just as much trouble as him!”  The funny thing is that Method Man was never any trouble to anyone. I mean, look at that face; he’s too fine for real trouble!  The only time I’ve ever heard him actually upset and threatening someone was when Wendy Williams mentioned on the radio that his wife might be sick. Other than that, he’s just a softie on the inside. We love you, Meth!!


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