Fans Write An Open Letter to BET About How ‘The Game’ Fell Off

May 18, 2012  |  

If we think back a couple of seasons, the only reason “The Game” made it to BET was because fans petitioned for a revival of the show after it was booted from the CW. That moves speaks very highly to the power of the viewers and the same people who fought to bring the show back are now pushing for BET to get a clue and improve the series’ story lines—even if there’s no Melanie or Derwin. In an open letter to BET, Akil Productions, and Deborah Lee, fans say the entire network should be ashamed of what they’ve put out the past two seasons:

We created a Facebook page awhile back about the direction of The Game since its return on BET. We strongly believe that Akil productions and BET used the show as a stepping stool for other projects and ventures. The Akils to become a “well -known” production company and BET to develop better programming. Since the signing with BET, the Akils have produced Jumping the Broom and Sparkle and paid very little attention to the current state of the show. This ultimately lead to what we believe is the demise of the show. Yes, its just a tv show, however its bigger than that. BET lacks integrity and fails to provide a positive representation for the African American community. Since the show returned to BET, we’ve seen a “ghetto” Brandy, a gun toting, kush smoking, sex addicted, angry black woman in Tasha, a drunk in Malik and a marriage that seems to have an issue every other week with Melanie and Derwin. Not to mention the sudden exit of the only white cast member -Brittany Daniels, which is questionable. We received sloppily written story lines that lack continuity, bad lighting and poorly directed episodes. This is sad as television shows on a whole are on a decline especially shows that are a reflection of our community. The show declines in viewers every week, now averaging 1.9 million viewers, down from 7.7 million in two seasons. Both BET and the Akils should be ashamed in their selfish plot, after we the fans fought for the shows return. We’ve reached out to both BET and the Akils on Twitter and Facebook in the past, which resulted in us being blocked, along with anyone that posted constructive criticism of the show. BET, Deborah Lee and the Akils along with any other future production company should pay attention to the fans, and the quality of programming they provide, if not, this will not be the last show that will quickly fail under BET’s umbrella.


Game fans

You really can’t argue with anything they say. We all should’ve known there would be ratch on top of ratchedness when Brandy’s character was named Chardonnay but eventually the other problems with the show overshadowed that name flaw. I don’t think the Akil’s are unique in their sloppy story lines just from looking at other television programs but that’s a problem in itself. We’d like to be able to see a black sitcom/drama/comedy/etc. written by us that isn’t predictable with stereotypical plots and that hasn’t happened with “The Game” and honestly it probably won’t. If producers and writers didn’t think to do it right the first time, they probably won’t bother much at this point for what will likely be the final season of the show.

Do you think it’s time to mourn the loss of “The Game” or should fans still hold out for improvement?

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