Success Is The Best Revenge: An Open Letter To Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams

May 21, 2012  |  

Dear Jennifer,

We’ve watched you transform from the docile and soft-spoken woman (and minion to Evelyn) whom we were introduced to during season one, to the absolutely fabulous, outgoing, fashion-forward, business-minded woman we see before us today. As a fellow introvert who has recently broken out of her shell, I say, “Go girl!” You have gracefully emerged from the shadows of your former NBA playing soon-to-be-ex-husband and your insane ex-best friend and are truly standing on your own two feet, as your own woman. Watching you come into your own and watching you be so free from the drama (at least mentally) is truly liberating. As you learned pretty quickly, the people around you are not always happy for you and ready to embrace the new you, especially if you’ve changed for the better (and realize that they’re not good for you).

We shuddered last season as we witnessed Eric act out by throwing a drink in your face as if he were one of the chicks from “Bad Girls Club.” I try my best to refrain from swearing, but it’s like, come on, son! That was a B.A. (b****h a**) move. There’s no other way to properly describe it. I remember sitting and wondering, “What on earth would make a man do that to his wife on national television?” The only thing that I could think of is that it was in an effort to humiliate and break you down. One, because you had finally stopped sitting around waiting for him to change his ways and began taking steps towards filing for divorce. Two, you didn’t appear to be all sad and solemn about it. Yeah, you had your moments, but you cried, sucked it up and kept it moving. You didn’t allow that situation to break you. Instead, you put your efforts into your business, which like you said, you’ve built from the ground up with your own money. You were becoming known as Jennifer Williams, the reality television star as opposed to Jennifer Williams, the wife of former NBA player Eric Williams. It didn’t matter whether or not being married to him got you there because honestly, if it weren’t for “Basketball Wives” most of us wouldn’t even know what the hell a Eric Williams was anyway! No, seriously. Google him…exactly.

It seems as if the finale of season three was only the beginning of the adversity that you would face because season four was outright ridiculous. Most of it surrounded your beef with Evelyn, and I still can’t seem to figure out how a friendship that lasted so long could go so ridiculously wrong so fast, but whatever, that’s neither here nor there. Season four was known as the “Let’s gang up on Jen” season. I personally believe that friends fall out all of the time and it’s up to them to decide whether or not they’re going to work it out. Her hitting you with her clutch and constantly throwing threats was a bit extreme, but what I find more ridiculous is the fact that the moment you and Evelyn fell out was the moment a few of your cast members who had absolutely nothing to do with the situation began to subtly throw shade your way. What I find even funnier is that they clearly decided to side with Evelyn but tried to claim neutrality in the whole fiasco. *side eye* Shaunie doesn’t exactly surprise me because the more controversy arises, the higher the ratings, and the fatter her wallet gets (Well, not so much anymore). She’s the madame of the “Basketball Wives” enterprise and has thus far exploited the hell out of any and every ounce of friction between cast members. It’s clear that she’s childishly taken sides with Ev. Tami is the one who is a little shocking and pathetic in this matter since she was just fighting with Evelyn a season or two ago for sleeping with her ex-husband and being indifferent about it. How she can find it in her to take sides is beyond me. But then again, when people want to be liked or in the “in crowd,” they lose themselves. Real women don’t claim to be “neutral” but then make snide remarks the way that she has all season. Get right or get left, Tami. You’re either hot or cold, black or white, but you my dear are what we call straddling the fence at its best. Then, there’s the famous slap from Ev’s assistant who to me seems as if she was just seeking to get her 15 minutes of fame. Too bad it cost her criminal charges and a lawsuit. No one should be subjected to abuse like that, and if pressing charges gets a few folks hot under the collar, enough to boycott folks, so be it.

You are making strides towards bettering yourself and we say “Good for you.” Many people fail to realize that when you go through major life changes such as a divorce there are some things about you that do change. From the way you value yourself to the people you want around you. You haven’t always been a positive cast member on the show, but I do believe that your story (in some parts) as it played out publicly can serve as motivation for other women because through adversity you still manage to come out shining like new money (while others just looked more and more crazy). All of the negativity surrounding you doesn’t appear to have broken you and that is an accomplishment. Independence fits you well, honey! Do your thing girl, allow the haters to be your motivators because it appears that the more successful you become both in your sense of peace and with your business ventures, the saltier they get. So don’t fight with your hands, fight back by leading a positive lifestyle because success truly is the best revenge.


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