True Life: He Proposed to Me!

May 11, 2012  |  
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@Cherised He asked me to get him something to drink. When I returned, he was on one knee.

@Janeanedavis We went to dinner, he gave me the ring and asked me if I would do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Eve: LMAO, after living together for a year, he said….”When are we gonna get married”….

Tarsha: On our nine year anniversary of us going together and maybe 5 months after him moving into my apartment, I went to get my hair done and when I returned home he was dressed in a suit and had made dinner. He sat me down at the dining room table and brought me a glass of champagne. I began to sip it and it took a minute, but then I noticed a diamond ring at the bottom of the glass. He got a pillow, got on one knee, slid the ring on my finger and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I said yes!!! One more sip tho, and that ring might have been history! LOL

Hattie: He got on his knee ,it’s lasted for 19 years no regret i got 4 beautiful children out of it

Trellony: chile please that proposal was a desperate ploy to get me to take him back. He proposed a day after I caught him cheating! smh That wack proposal wasnt out of love. It was out of control. He know women love the idea of a wedding ring and marriage so he got down on 1 knee, hoping I would be his sucker. I denied his proposal in a restaurant in front of everybody…ugh whatta jerk.

Dara: we had been together for like eight years … he just opened a box with a ring in it and said ” if you say no it dont mean nothing you’re still my common law wife …” charming right ?

Yvette: He looked at the checkbook calendar and said let’s get married the end of next month. We’ll both have 4 more paychecks by then….

Alicia: At a bears game! Everyone knew but me! He did it at half time! It was was really great

@IyaOmotinuwe: It was beautiful we were @ home she was nervous then she got down on 1 knee, presented the ring and asked me! it was beautiful

@Nesha40: in my parents living room. We are divorced now…but I still cherish that moment..

Mommy Needs Alcohol: it wasn’t a proposal really…we had been talking about it for some time aaaaaaand one summer day in june 07 while i was making pasta i said, “you think we should get married?” and he looked at me and thought for a second nodded and said, “yeah i think we should” after that i smiled and then asked, ” you want more sauce your ziti?” lol. nothing special really. we had been together for 10 years and we had had our ups and downs and at that exact moment it just felt right. i wouldn’t change it for the world. it was nothing perfect but it was very much us…simple and fun =D

Keianna: My husband said one day while we were watching TV in bed, “Let’s get married.”…..I was like, “Are you serious?”….I never said yes. He knew I wanted his crazy butt! LOL

Latisha;  I was folding laundry and putting the clothes away. Lol my hubby’s always been random but it was ok in that moment. Been happily married ever since ♥

@Charlene13 Went on vacation, after dinner walking down the was written in the sand…:)

@AlissainPink Treasure hunt! I thought the clues were leading to my bday gift – but it led to him proposing to me!

Deirdre: we had just graduated from school together a few days prior, we were at his house hanging out and he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife! three years later we got married 🙂

Lish: Well the first guy I was engaged to came to pick me up from work one night. We were in a very heated argument and I told him to let me out about a block away from my building. He pulled over in a huff and i started to get out cussin and screaming and he runs around to the passenger door opens it with tears in his eyes gets on one knee and says I love you baby will you marry me, please – I can’t live without you. All the screams stopped and only tears and love remained. I hugged him, we kissed and he put the ring on. Meanwhile its in the 11 o clock hour and neighbors lights were on, cars driving by…but it was so romantic and dramatic all at the same time.

Gina:  ‎2 days before our one year anniversary, he casually said that we should get married and I laughed in his face. A day before our one year anniversary we got into a huge fight in the car and at the red light I hopped out and slammed the door (thinking how I was I going to get my things out of his apartment) and he drove off. About 15 mins later, he came back, jumped out of the car and got on one knee. He said that he would always come back for me and that he was looking forward to many years of fights, arguments, but mostly love. We eloped the very next day, on our one year anniversary. 5 years, 3 children, many fights, a thousand arguments later, we are more in love now then that eventful day. We renew our vows every year in the privacy of our own bedroom and every year we promise each other another year of undying love.

Angela: On the 4th of July,in the living room, just me & him…he went upstairs and came back down,grabbed my hand and as i stood up he got on one knee,told me how much he loves me and askes me to marry him. It was beautiful. The funny part is he was gonna do it the day before at the bbq we had at our house,in front of all my family..but he forgot where he put the ring! I totally believed it cause he would forget his head if it wasn’t attached to his neck lol

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