Pushing Tech For The Better: Lauren deLisa Coleman On The Rise of The SmartPower Class

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If you are anything like I am, you’re surrounded by a sea of behavioral change and a healthy dose of uncertainty not only about your next moves but those of global societies, as well. Simultaneously you are in great awe of the speed and capability of new digital devices and the many ventures that are being introduced into our society. This is the new millennium, and it is moving at a rapid and turbulent pace during which we are trying to make sense of our world as it converges with technology and the emergence of a new era. But how do we accomplish such a feat effectively? How do we make better sense of this truly chaotic time period as it affects us on a personal and/or professional level?

Perhaps now more than ever it’s important to analyze and examine the new norms that are being constructed all around us, if we are to find any peace of mind whatsoever. Yet a significant, holistic perspective and navigational tool has not been presented to date. Thus, it is my intention to do so with this written work….Quickly gaining speed, there is simply a new category of people who are leading us further and further into some kind of new era of self-competency empowered by, and played out across digital platforms which they are also inventing. Further, this class involves many leaders (leaderful), rather than a sole figure; the new standard being that every SmartPower voice counts.

Should this premise be accurate, then the very next questions might be: Are you part of this unprecedented SmartPower class? Are you in opposition to it? If so, why? And how will the SmartPower movement affect your life, your family and further business development overall? From the Arab Spring to the SOPA shut-down to Bank of America $5 fee reversal, the pyramid of hierarchy is now inverted; the tipping point is dead.

What follows is the result of several months of observation, analysis and interviews which examines this phenomenon, and has been both fun and fascinating to conduct. In this book, I have attempted to not only break-down what I see as the rise of the SmartPower era right before our very eyes, but also to provide navigation techniques (rather than hard direction and absolute conclusion, as did the thought-leaders of old) for all of us trying to make sense of not only a new time, but of ourselves, in the process. And there is a very interesting way in which to understand the early stages of the SmartPower dynamic, and navigate using what I am identifying as its three main elements: the Kryptonite Factor, Boundary Swipes and the Treaty of the Leaderful in order to be successful in today’s age. I am looking at four categories: Technology, Celebrity, Politics and Race. The findings will shock you.

“Rise of the SmartPower Class” is available via various digital distribution leaders.

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