Pushing Tech For The Better: Lauren deLisa Coleman On The Rise of The SmartPower Class

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In the book, you address how people are using their individual voices to rise up whether it’s about the former Bank of America proposed debit card charges, Trayvon Martin or the Arab Spring. Why is individual voice so important now?

Previously it was all about hierarchy. Now, a lot of that is being flipped on its head given the change in mindset of the people coupled with the use of new tech. But it’s important to understand that this new power is not yet fully developed so it’s key to look to collaboration and support as how I am doing with this SmartPower movement-of -sorts via my book and podcast. And the SmartPower generation is now connecting at my http://www.glassldc.com It’s kind of like a lab meets a hip social platform. For the first time, I’m bringing the comment – the individual – to the center. The site ties into podcast and the podcast ties into the book. Some have said I’m a mini-media mogul at this stage. So I guess that makes me a mogulette?(laughs)

You’ve mentioned that the profits will go to Enough’s Raise Hope for Congo efforts. Can you tell us more about that?

Well, RaiseHopeforCongo.org is tirelessly bringing awareness to the use of conflict minerals used in each and every one of our mobile phones. They are assisted in their efforts by such notables as Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and now me. This book would be remiss if it did not assist with such efforts given the fact that Rise of the SmartPower Class touts and encourages digital media usage, a majority of which takes place over mobile phone platforms today. One of the deadliest wars, with also one of the highest rape stats, is taking place in Congo at this very moment over minerals. There are the 3T’s – Tungsten, Titanium and Tin- which are used in our phone. For example, tungsten is what makes your phone vibrate. Gold is also a biggie. So device makers are working with unsavory characters in the region to get these minerals and there is NO regulation. Thus, the idea is to raise awareness so that letters are sent to Congressmembers, etc to change this path. I invite everyone to visit their site too for more info or just follow me on Twitter @mediaempress to get updates.


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