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We know Samuel L. Jackson as the man who seems to be in every movie we’ve ever seen.  He comes across as an intense actor who likes to be at the top of his game even if the movie itself isn’t all that great. He’s a man who has overcome addiction and has become the actor who has made Hollywood more money than any actor. EVER. But his wife, actress LaTanya Richardson, recently portrayed another picture for us as her husband.

Two weeks ago, New York Times did a feature on Sam which focused on his acting career and more importantly, a look inside of the man behind the work. Writer Pat Jordan spoke with LaTanya about him as a husband and she described him as “emotionally disconnected.”  She said there were times when he’d be on location for a film and when she’d ask if he missed her, he would say no. LaTanya went on to say:

“But he’s changing. The other day I cut my hand, and he took me to the hospital. Years ago, I’d have to go by myself.”

Ouch. I’m not sure what prompted LaTanya to be this honest in an article that she knew would be published but it is very telling.  Because of Sam’s dedication to his craft, it isn’t too hard to believe that what LaTanya says has held true for 40 years (yes, they’ve been together that long). She also said for a very long time she felt abandoned in the relationship.

What she shared is likely the tip of the iceberg and it probably took a lot of soul searching to be able to deal with something like that for so long. But they come from a bit of a different era and while many couples today would divorce over things like this, couples from their time probably would not. The good thing, like LaTanya said, is that he’s slowly changing.

Oh, the key to making their 40 year relationship work? LaTanya replied with one word: “Amnesia.”

Could you deal with something like this in your relationship? How important is it to you that your partner be emotionally connected, not only to you but to those important in your lives?

Source: New York Times

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