WOMAN to WOMAN: How Big Is Your “But”?

May 5, 2012  |  


A few years ago I wrote an article similar to this topic addressing the way to often excuses we women make for almost everything in our lives. Just think for one second on the amount of times you have said the word “but”. I bet it’s more than you would like to admit right? Well the good news is you are not alone, but the bad news is just like the other “but” it just gets bigger.

How many times do you say or hear, “I would date him but….”, “I want to go back to school but…”, “I need to leave him but….”? I can go on and on with a list of common “buts” so I will stop here for now.  Plus I would much rather get right to the point on the reasons why we make so many excuses. It’s easy to want and aspire for something instead of executing it into reality. Why? Because execution takes sacrifice, fearlessness, and a plan. Many of us want change but we don’t want to do the work that it takes to make that change. As a result we pacify ourselves with reasons that we believe hold us back. The truth is those so called reasons or “buts” are just buffers and blockers created by us to prolong what we fear most – change.

The thought of something different and new can sometimes paralyze us. Whether it’s a new environment, a new relationship or a new life, the essence of change can be frightening for some. Coming out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable at first, but being uncomfortable is not always a bad thing ladies. It means you are growing and living at your full potential.

Woman to Woman always remember feeling fear is normal, but living in fear is not. How big is your “but”?

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