When The Heel Breaks: Quick Fixes For Workplace Faux Pas

May 4, 2012  |  

It’s happened to all of us before. A heel breaks on the subway or we look down and realize lunch just ended up on a skirt. Those little everyday wardrobe malfunctions have simple and cheap solutions your grandmother probably told you about. Forbes offers a list of tricks to handle little emergencies on the job. See how many you’ve heard of and used or find a new method to take care of a last minute problem.

Broken heels. If you’re heels are black, a few tight layers of thick electrical tape will provide the fastest and easiest solution. McGary, the founder of shopping site Danari Blu, offers a solution for shoes that aren’t black. When her metal stiletto came off at the base before an event, she grabbed two small nails and hammered the heel back onto the shoe.

“I knew glue wasn’t going to cut it,” she said to Forbes.  “So nails were the only option. Luckily, it worked—and held through the event.”

If you’ve got a stubborn zipper, just rub a bit of graphite pencil over the stuck area. The dust will loosen up the zipper and allow you to quickly go about your day.

For stains, club soda offers the perfect solution. If you can’t find clob soda, then anything bubbly and clear will do like tonic or sprite. While water only penetrates and helps the stain to linger, McGary discloses that club soda is better than stain remover. Soak the area before blotting. Dry erase board cleaner also works well on stains, but before you begin applying it, test a small area to make sure it doesn’t bleach your clothes.

Got a torn hem? Staple it! Make sure to staple from the inside out. Double sided tape also works well on hems, shirt gaps and broken zippers.

When you’ve got a tear in your bra and you find yourself being stabbed mercilessly by the end of your underwire, grab some superglue. Head to the bathroom, push the wire back in and squeeze a bit in the hole. If you don’t have superglue, use tape. Although neither are a permanent solution, they’ll keep the fabric closed for the day.

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