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The truth is people lie. While most of us tell little white lies, there are people in this world who specialize in lying about any and everything. Really, some of them are more than liars, they’re con-artists. We took to our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out some of the lies our followers have heard during their dating journeys. Turns out some of these men they dated, were hiding some pretty big, unacceptable secrets. Check it out. 

Anonymous: The man I was dating for 4 years, got his ex-girlfriend pregnant flew down to Vegas and married her at the Bellagio and I found out almost a year later from a private investigator.

Sharon: Not sure yet???But I got that gut feelin’

Tamara: He had borderline personality disorder.

Erica: That he was previously married 2x. He lied and said he was married once and that he was in a live-in relationship with the other. He slipped up and said “ex wife B” and I was like “Wait a minute. I thought You were only married to A?”

I didn’t leave but I should have because that was the start of the lies and the never ending drama that I had in that relationship.

Shiya: Married with a new child that was born during our seeing each other……smh and YES my gut instinct told me something wasn’t right…so I searched and found the truth….we live and learn…

Tracye: Said he made $150k a year…had no car note…but didn’t own one piece of property…or one suit…lol. Moved from renting a small apartment to renting a house (NOT buying)… #somethinaintrighthere

Diane: Yep, he was DL. I ‘fell out’ first…then I ended the relationship. He was gettin’ on my nerves anyway but I knew it was somethin’ he’d  been tryna tell me. And he told me too.

Celeste: My husband wanted to be my wife. Ruined our marriage.

Janice: Yep where he was staying at out of town while job searching… staying with a ex friend. So I said you can stay there!!

Trellony: married with a wife in another state. While I had keys to “our” home in another state. smh #he secretly lived a double life with neither one of us knowing. smh

Boss Lady: Oh yes, he had a child that I didn’t know about. His daughter told me after a couple of years, and I asked him about it, he denied it. His mother alluded to it, but wouldn’t confirm or deny. I had a friend run a background check and found out he had been ordered to pay child support. The baby was about six when I found out about. Doing the math – she was born about three months after we met. A lot of things made sense after finding that out. And yes, I left him. I could never trust him after that. He NEVER even mentioned her and that told me all I needed to know about his character. And to be clear, him having children wasn’t ever an issue. He had two that I knew about.

Zerriyan: Found his mugshot on the registered sex offenders list. I immediately changed my number and he pretended to be so in the lord and church. He was truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Emelda: A person I dated and was engaged to.. I found out he was Bisexual. I was told by one of my gay friends they saw him in a gay club when I confronted him about it he did not deny it and said in the past he had experiences with men. Needless to say we ended things and not in a civil way. We just recently began speaking again…smh

Charron: Yes his job and his background, he said he wants a probation officer and a reverend. Come to find out he’s a killer, sexual battery, and fraud and the truth is, he worked at a warehouse, and on probation or parole… Now ain’t that some Isht. Also he was the liar and also a con artist, got me for $800, it when I confronted him the only thing he can keep it was that he loves me. That was a lie…

Gloria: He was visiting me at my home almost everyday, But he never took me to any place no even on my birthday…why??? Because he don’t want people see him with a Puerto Rican black girl…I found out in a hard way….

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