Next Time You Make A Decision This Author Wants You To Ask, ‘What Would Michelle Do?’

April 30, 2012  |  

Michelle Obama represents a lot to black women in America and Senior Newsweek Journalist Allison Samuels wants to see to it that the First Lady comes to represent more for our youth against the backdrop of reality TV drama with a new book, What Would Michelle Do?

The new literary release follows Michelle Obama’s journey from Ivy League graduate to First Lady of the United States and really serves as a blueprint for living a life of substance and style. In an interview with Bronze Magazine, Allison explained her inspiration for writing the book.

“I teach at the boys and girls club in Los Angeles and I saw that a lot of our young girls look at reality shows and I am tired of the way we as black women are depicted today.  On Television and in the media we are made to look so mean and have tempers, they show us fighting all the time and we can’t seem to get along with our girlfriends.  I know some of the young girls get confused because they would see these women on TV fighting and being mean and they think this is how they are supposed to act. A lot of them look to these type of women as their role models and I thought this is not what they need to learn from.

“I know a lot of these young girls that didn’t have good role models to learn from and I thought, here we have this beautiful role model in the White house that has everything, a great husband, beautiful children and she has girlfriends, why not look at her and learn from her?  I had to write this book that focused on Michelle (A positive African American Women) for women and young girls that don’t see themselves in a positive way; to show them that there are plenty opportunities out there and they can have anything they want, but they just have to know what they want.”

Going further into the depictions of black women as constantly angry and without any positivity in their lives, Samuels stresses how this book shows the FLOTUS is the exact opposite of those stereotypes.

“This book talks about how First Lady Michelle Obama stopped what she was doing to support her husband and take care of her children and how she did it without being upset. How she handles every situation with style and grace (even if it is hard). I thought I need to do something to change what we are seeing on television.

“First Lady Michelle Obama is Strong, Beautiful, and Intelligent and has the opportunity to change the way people see Black women and how Black women see ourselves and our future.  We have to learn how to embrace our beauty.  Michelle has rules she lives by and she had her ‘End Game.’ This book teaches women and young girls that we all need to have an end game in order to have a fairy tale life.”

What exactly does she mean by “end game?”

“She knew what she wanted from the time she laid her eyes on President Barack Obama,” Allison said. “Michelle attracted a man that had everything she wanted because she had all the same qualities.  Life is about knowing what you want and doing what it takes to get it.  You have to also remember how to continue to handle yourself with ‘Substance and Grace’ no matter what. Michelle had her end game and used it to her advantage to be successful and to have a successful life.”

You can check out an excerpt of What Would Michelle Do? on and get more info on the book and author on the site as well.

Will you check out this book?

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