Okay…Scientists Say They Can Determine Who Is The Most Beautiful?

April 30, 2012  |  


After people were either raving or complaining about Beyonce being picked as the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine, scientists in Britain have another another person in mind for title of most beautiful woman in Britain: Florence Colgate.

Colgate is an 18-year-old white woman from the UK with blue eyes and blonde hair, but she isn’t considered the most beautiful woman in the world because of her typical European features according to the scientists. She is praised for having a very symmetrical face, going by the European standard.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a pretty girl…but “science” is saying she’s the most beautiful woman in the world? You can’t scientifically prove beauty as it is totally subjective. Someone can think I’m the most beautiful person the world, and the person who communicated that sentiment wouldn’t need to go through an assessment process to come to that conclusion.

It’s obvious that they only looked at one part of the world, the Western world, because I really don’t think Colgate is a full reflection of the beauty that is present throughout even the diverse territory of Britain which boasts large populations from Africa, India, and the West Indes.

Women like Florence and Beyonce make me wonder, are these are the only examples of what society deems as beautiful? Here we have a normal plain Jane white woman being given this title, and then we have a black woman who is closer to the white standard given this title as well.

Should we be happy enough that at least a shade of black beauty is being recognized? Or should we be more critical since this shade of black beauty seems to be the only one being celebrated in mainstream culture? Beyonce’s light complexion, long straight honey blonde hair, and multicultural background make her a safe bet.  She is closer to Florence Colgate than we like to admit.

Then we have women like the Kardashians. They get a pass because even though they are “exotic” looking, they are still white. Their features are praised in the fact that they have black girl or Latina looks without having to deal with the consequences of being black or Latina. It’s sad and crazy how that works. It’s not fair to them and it’s definitely not fair to the girls they are misidentified as. Yet, no matter the mainstream controversies over the standard of beauty, one truth continues to resonate: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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