Non-Mother Effin’ Fans Start Petition to Boycott ‘Chad and Ev’

April 25, 2012  |  

Uh oh. Evelyn’s shenanigans are starting to catch up with her. Viewers of “Basketball Wives” who are tired of the table hopping and bottle throwing are attempting to get Evelyn where it would hurt the most—her wallet. Seeing that it’s unlikely VH1 would get rid of it’s lead character on BBW, these fans want viewers to boycott the reality TV star’s new spinoff show with fiancé Ochocinco, “Chad and Ev.”

Alexis M. is the creator of the petition encouraging people not to watch the upcoming show, and here’s why.

“Evelyn Lozada is a bully. The violence on ‘Basketball Wives’ is horrible and disgraceful,” Alexis wrote on the petition. “This is not a hate petition against Eveyln Lozada. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not OK for women to hit each other on TV.”

Yesterday, Sister 2 Sister reported that 691 people had signed the petition. Since the site is down for scheduled maintenance today it’s not clear if that number has increased, but considering the amount of criticism “Basketball Wives” has garnered from the beginning and the increasingly erratic behavior Evelyn has displayed in the past few weeks, I’m sure it has. A couple of signers also left comments with their signature, calling out Evelyn and Chad for their foolishness.

 “[Ocho] has young children, and this woman has thrown glasses, bottles and ran across a table like she’s a part of a wild animal park,” Carolyn pointed out. “Will she put on her fake smile and act the proper stepmom? Too late, she’s already shown her true colors and they are ugly. She deserves no show.”

“Evelyn is an embarrassment to women and she has no morals. She’s a bully and attacks people who are afraid of her. If VH1 supports her i can no longer support VH1. She is a low class, gold digging bully.”

“I find it strange Evelyn is boycotting Jennifer Williams for doing the right thing. I’m happy she’s being boycotted for doing the wrong thing.”

Beyond the petition, the creators are also asking viewers to contact VH1’s parent company Viacom to express disgust with Evelyn’s actions. Guess we’ll have to see how quickly the word spreads—and how Evelyn reacts. Considering her and Ochochinco are supposed to earn $300K a piece for this show, I can guarantee she is not happy.

Will you sign this petition to boycott “Chad and Ev?”

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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