Haute Hair Accessory: Clip-Ins (Starting Under $100 Too!)

April 25, 2012  |  
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With summer right around the corner, many women are trying to figure out how to have haute hair when it’s hot–and make it work on a budget.  Whether your tresses are long or short, hair pieces can help keep you maintain your current style with ease or rev up a funky new look. Check out our fab photo gallery that may inspire ideas without spending a million bucks.

A 12″ width piece can add fullness and volume. 3-4 track pieces are recommended to get the full effect. It comes in various shades and are made for course and fine hair. Many outlets such as His&HerHair.com offer the look and advertise human hair. Their prices start at $69.

The 3″ (width) clip-in can help add color to one’s up do. Monica  is one of the many celebrities who use pop-color pieces to give her locks moore oomph. Prices start at $32 at NoelNewYork.com.

Nicki Minaj is just one of the many stars who has utilized clip-in bangs to give more life to her appearance. A lot of women aren’t sure bangs are for them and feel self conscious about how their foreheads will look. Clip-in pieces allows a woman to try without committing to the style. Prices begin at $20 at most outlets such as ultimatelooks.com.

Bangs are trendy, but so is color.  The standard, blunt look has been given an assist by bright colors that are sure to make a person stand out even more. The clips are usually one piece and are easy to insert in the mane. Prices begin at $20 and can be purchased at NoelNewYork.com.

1″ width clip ins will help fill in damaged or broken hair. Many women are often in the transitional process of getting their hair healthy again and this allows the process to take place and still look your best at the same time. A lot of women utilize this track to help strengthen their hair if they’ve experimented with colors and want to restore their mane.  NoelNewYork.com starts selling these clip-ins at $20.