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Eight women have actually given birth to 10 children by 28-year-old New York Jets player Anthony Cromartie, but since he married the last one, only seven are actually “baby mamas” and those are the ones who want to air their business for the sake of reality TV.

This ratchet love octagon has caught the attention of a TV production company that wants to create a reality show about these 19 individuals “trying to co-exist as a modern family,” the NY Post reports. The baby mamas, who are scattered across California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and New Jersey, are all on board, saying they’ve created a bond with each other as mothers. But perhaps in the smartest move of his life, Anthony has said no. Anthony’s wife, who is the mother of two of his children, isn’t on it either.She took to Twitter to let her thoughts on the situation be known:

“We had no $ i loved my husband and I married him for that sol4 purpose ny post really tried 2 make a graph & its still wrong

The gold diggers are the ladies seeking financial gain from a show based off there kids i would never want any part of that

our family is not ur ideal family but we make it work.. If these women would b more concern about there kids & not them self

Nonetheless when ur cleaning hotel rms a reality show would b ideal but i’ll let them dream about it & watch me live it

Without the lies I’ll tell u anything u want to kno just ask me.. Ive always been an up front person.. Oh yea we are expecting twins in NOv”

The graph she’s referring to is this Brady Bunch-like chart the publication created detailing Anthony’s journey spreading his seed from coast to coast. Though a source has said the mothers of Anthony’s kids could use the money from the show (considering he had to get an advance on his NFL pay to keep up with child support) they also want to document their “journey.”

Ryan Ross, a hotel employee in Los Angeles, who dated Anthony for about six months and delivered his fifth child, loves the idea of the show.

“We’re not catty women. We have a close, tight-knit friendship and understand what each other’s going through. We reach out to share news about the kids, to talk, to vent.

“Our kids need to know who their siblings are. It’s bigger than our past with Antonio. It’s about our children.”

As long as Anthony says no to his children being filmed for reality TV the show will not go on, which is probably a good thing. I think reality TV has replaced sex tapes as the new “get rich quick” scheme.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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