Here’s a Little Story that Must be Told: 9 Things the Young Ones Need to Know

April 13, 2012  |  

I was born in 1987, just three years away from the ’90s. When I tell people how the mindset of the ’90s babies is so radically different from my own, I’m met with all kinds of side eyes. Even my own parents have looked at me crazy. But really, those 90’s kids are a different breed and I can’t really identify with their kind. This fact was made more apparent by the recent Twitter activity of said ’90s babies.

You may have heard by now that James Cameron and his crew are re-releasing Titanic. I won’t even tell you how easily I see through this pocket padding ploy. My theory is if Jack doesn’t climb up on that door with Rose and live at the end, then I really don’t need to torture myself for another three hours. But I digress. The re-release has the kiddies doing a bit of research and their mind was blown with a bit of information. See what I mean below:

This comedic travesty got me thinking about the all the things the 90’s babies just don’t know. So in an olive-branch like gesture I’m sharing some of my 80’s baby knowledge with the young ones, with hopes for a better educated world. Check it.

1. The Titanic was a real ship.
That’s why your mom cries uncontrollably when she watches that movie on TNT; because although it’s a fictional story, it’s based on a historical event. Real people died.

2. A lot of Kanye’s (and other producer’s beats) are sampled.
If you’ve listened to his lyrics this should come as no surprise. “Don’t give me a beat that I can’t sample.” It didn’t just start with “Otis” either.

3. Back in the day, people, even intelligent, black people like Toni Morrison, used to refer to Bill Clinton as the “First Black President.”
Hard to believe, huh?

4. Box Braids, color blocking and any other style that you may be trying to emulate these days is not new.
It came from another decade and someone decided to revive it.

5. Back in the day, far more black actresses, for better or worse, wore their real hair.

6. J-Lo started as a dancer, not a singer, not an actress but a background dancer.

7. There was once a show called “The Mickey Mouse Club” that produced a great number of stars in the limelight.
i.e. Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

Don’t believe me? Watch this adorable and slightly shocking video of some of the aforementioned people singing Jodeci’s “Cry for You” below. Your mind will be blown.


8. Before Megan Good was a sex symbol, she was the girl with bucked teeth on a show called “Cousin Skeeter.”

9. Roger Troutman and not T-Pain is the father of Auto Tune.

Roger’s device was called a synthesizer (or talk box) which he used masterfully and not obnoxiously. Google him; or if you’re lazy, check him out here.  

What lessons are you sharing with the young ones?

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