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Eva Marcille has a new reality show coming to Oxygen soon and the “America’s Next Top Model” season 3 winner is letting us know from the get-go that it will not be like those shows we love to hate on VH1 and Bravo.

Humor Mill recently caught up with the star to get details on her show which currently has the working title “Taking Hollywood,” starring her friends and business women, music manager Kelly Marie Dunn, Designer Nikki Chu, and actress Denyce Lawton, and here’s what she said we can expect.

“The thing about television is, a lot of things are produced and clearly you have to produce a show, but this type of a show, it gels so well with Reality TV because it’s really our lives and us as friends,” she said. “You see the glitz and glamor of the finished product of what Hollywood gives, but you never really see the true struggle. And I don’t mean those that have rich parents or have that big heiress legacy, but those that traveled from across the world, that moved to California, that decided this was gonna be where they made their mark.

“We have each other to help each other out, so it’s not like the wives clubs of basketball or of sports, but it’s the friendship club of life and I think all women can relate to that no matter what it is that you do.”

Since this isn’t Eva’s first time appearing on a reality TV show, she says there’s no way anything you’ll see her doing in this series will be just for the cameras.

“For myself, a lot of the world knows who I am so I have already an idea, so it’s only so much faking you can do and even if I tried, all of you guys would pull my card anyway. But this is what we do for a living. We’re not showing you a script on a screen. I’m showing you what I do when I wake up in the morning and try to go out and try to seek work and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s an epic failure and my friends help pick me up. [Denyce] has that same struggle and I think for us that are actually actors in the business it’s a little bit harder because there is this idea that you have…this preconceived notion that when you see I’m X, Y, and Z, then you watch the show you realize I’m not X, Y, or Z. I’m actually A, B, and C. It’s completely different moment so you get to see from what you thought something was to seeing the full spectrum of what life in entertainment really is.”

That aspect is what makes Eva appreciate reality TV, she says.

“The thing is — not to make this all a moment — is that it humanizes celebrities because you look at a celebrity and you realize it’s not a battery pack back there and they’re actually a person with blood and they need to eat everyday like everybody else and they’re human. So to stand around and take pictures for the next 3 hours is kind of like, tiring, but they don’t think about that. They’re like, ‘You’re a celebrity, do it.’ Now you can kind of see what a day in the life is and that we live the same life as you. We have to smile because if we didn’t we’re  a b—h and it’s like, okay, I just had gas. It gives you an inside look at the entertainment beyond the glitz.”

The other ladies also talk about how they keep the show interesting without bickering and fighting and how at the end of the day they’re all friends in real life, which only makes me want to watch the show even more when it debuts this summer—if I can handle Eva’s personality that is. Check out more details from the interview below.

Will you give “Taking Hollywood” a try?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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