There Goes the Neighborhood: 8 Ratchet Things You See When The Temperature Rises

April 6, 2012  |  
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It’s getting warmer outside, and with the change in weather comes a change in mood–folks want to be outside! But also with a change in weather comes a whole lot of ratchetness. From too little clothes to very aggressive men, when the weather takes a turn for the better, people act a hot a** mess. Keep your eye out for these things and people:

Booty Alert

And this is applicable to both sexes. When it gets warm outside, everybody seems anxious to pull out their revealing pieces. Men wear dingy draws and wear their jeans around their thighs (instead of pulled up), and the minute it gets hot, women throw on leggings and little T-shirts. Just a reminder, unless you are a dancer, leggings are not meant to be real pants. Please throw on a tunic or flowing shirt and cover your butt. I’ll never forget when I spent time in Harlem with a friend last May and a woman wore shorts that literally had her butt cheeks out. Who thought it was a good idea to let her go out the house like that? I have no clue, but don’t let it happen to you.

Crusty Feet and Dirty Flip Flops Make Their Debut

The minute you make the decision to pull your toes out and show them to the world again, please be sure that they are moisturized. Too often people walk out with bear claws trying to be cute with their ornate sandals and maxi dresses on. But instead of all eyes being on their outfit, it’s on their toes going in every which way and with a baby toe that looks like it’s holding on for dear life. And if you do have nice feet, I would encourage staying away from white flip flops or any shoes that get dirty fast. Walking around with shoes that looked they once belonged to Pig-Pen is probably not the best idea. And one more thing, please don’t let your chosen shoes be so small that your toes are hanging over the edge. Please and thank you.

Loiter Squads Are Out in Full Force

Once the temperature rises, don’t be surprised when you try and run down the street for some juice and get ogled and barked at by like five dudes. Some guys are notorious for standing posted up all year long, but when it’s warm outside? AND the sun is shining? Oh yeah, they’ll be in good spirits trying to get your number (and underwear): “Aye, how you doing?” “I see you, you coming from the gym?” *shudders* Smile and politely say no thank you if you’re not interested, because if you try and ignore them (but don’t have headphones on)…all hell is going to break loose.


And not literally little kids, but teenagers. School is about to conclude soon, but until then, teens who hang in huge packs will be all over the place. I don’t know how it is in other places, but in NYC, teens of all age groups and backgrounds get together and act a fool. From play fighting (and real fighting) to throwing curse words around out loud in front of older people (I hate that…respect your elders!), they’re like bears who spent the last few months hibernating and are ready to get buck…

Radical Hair Color

When it gets warm, the Kool-Aid colors are in high demand all over the place. I’m a fan of light browns, even of some sistas trying blonde out, but some folks go really bold with their looks. I’ve seen some bright oranges, two tone pinks, bright blue highlights and more. In the winter the bright colors can’t get their shine (and it’s too damn cold to have your hair out), so the minute it gets warm, everybody’s inhibitions go out the window.

Trash and…More Trash

NYC is already pretty famous for its trash, but in warm weather it’s a whole other story. You can trip over a chicken bone, accidentally step in a pile of dog crap, have to mosey around a dirty diaper and watch your toes to make sure they don’t wind up in a pool of dirty…liquid (can’t say what that liquid could be…ewww). People get mad comfortable when it gets warm, and instead of waiting to find a garbage can, they just drop their garbage like it’s hot.

Loud Music ALL Night Long

Not only do people drive by stunting with their loud music on full blast (I didn’t need to hear the expletive-laced verse of whatever song you were just listening to), but they also sit outside and play music all night long. All. Night. Long. From their cars, from their homes, on the train without headphones on, people just love to test their speakers at all times of the night, even if they know a lot of people are trying to take their behinds to bed.

The Police Get REALLY Aggressive

With more people out in general, best believe that the police are not going to be too far behind. A bright, sunny day is the perfect time for a stop and frisk, to watch people like hawks, and to act a fool when they think no one is looking. Make yourself look busy and don’t make any sudden, “suspicious” moves around them because if they think you’re guilty of something, they can make you guilty of something. Just saying, I’ve seen it…


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