Working 9 to 5: Seven Songs That Help Make the Workday Go By Faster

April 5, 2012  |  

Everyone has a playlist that gets them through the long workday. Well, that is, if you’re lucky enough to have a job where you can listen to whatever you want, when you want, by your lonesome (sorry folks in customer service who have to stay attentive). We all know that the slower the song, the longer it feels the day is passing by, but the more crunk it is, the better we feel. And hey, if the song applies to our feelings or life at the moment, then that’s awesome too. Here are just a few songs that we think you should add to your playlist. Feel free to include some of your favorite recommendations way down below…

Workin’ Day and Night/Michael Jackson

In all honesty, the whole Off the Wall album should be in heavy rotation on your playlist, but if I had to pick one that probably fits your workday mood, it’s clearly “Workin’ Day and Night.” You might not be working crazy hours (sun up to midnight) for an ungrateful spouse, but I’m sure you can still relate. Plus, the production on this track is bananas enough to get and keep your feet a-tappin’!

Party Up/DMX

Okay, so I might be the only one who thinks this, but I find it very necessary to always have at least one DMX track on hand to spaz out to. What? Like I said, the more crunk the track, the better. And nobody is more crunk than DMX. For me, it’s usually “What’s My Name,” but I think everyone knows and can appreciate “Party Up.” Also known as, “Ya’ll gon’ make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!” That’s probably what you will be saying around 3 p.m., so why not have a theme song?

Night to Remember/Shalamar

Are you kidding me? Everybody loves this jam! It’s the perfect song for those last few hours of work when you know you’re anticipating a date or quality time with your favorite guy. This song requires just a little shimmy at your desk, and I’m sure when you head out to meet up with ‘ol boy, you’ll be humming this joint. It’s almost like Lay’s potato chips, when you listen to “Night to Remember,”  you can’t listen to it just once.

Keep Ya Head Up/2Pac

If you need to slow it down just a little in the early morning or after lunch, hows about a little bit of positivity in between all the booty popping dance songs? Pac was pretty good for that, and that’s why everyone does a hard head nod to the beat of “Keep Ya Head Up” when it comes on. It’s smooth, but not too slow to put you in itis mode (ready to fall asleep). Plus, Pac is great eye candy to keep you in good spirits.

Soon As I Get Home/Babyface

You’ve got to have at least one smooth slow jam to throw into your mix. Babyface’s “Soon As I Get Home” is perfect for that. It’s one of those, put one finger in the air and snap type of jams, and the lyrics are pretty awesome too: “I give good love, I’ll buy your clothes, I’ll cook your dinner too, soon as I get home from work.” Now that’s a man I think we can all say we would love to have waiting on us after work! THE jam.

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing/Stevie Wonder

I bet you thought if I was going to pick a Stevie jam it would have been “Living For the City.” Too easy. Instead, how about a fun song that sends good vibes and reminds you how much you need to take a vacation? Any Stevie song will do, but this one always makes me want to get up from my chair and start salsa dancing. Or at least a bootleg version of the salsa. Okay, maybe just a two-step…

If I Ruled the World (imagine that)/ Nas feat. Lauryn Hill

I know what you’re thinking: If I ruled the world, my a** wouldn’t be working. I’m sure that’s true, but until then, a sista is just going to have to dream. And this is one of those songs you can both dream and rock to. You’ve got to love Nas and Lauryn in their prime!

These are clearly just a few of many songs that are great to jam to while working, so we would love to hear some of your picks! Proceed below…


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