Ask Taylor, The Wedding Planner: Tips to Finding and Buying the Right Bridal Gown

April 4, 2012  |  

By Taylor Lea Thomas


Soooo my dress isn’t flattering on me or my body shape! Help!!!!!

Taylor’s Answer:

Dear Miss I’m-Too-Swexy-For-My-Dress,

I’m assuming you mean that the style of dress you’ve always envisioned yourself being married in doesn’t look or fit the way you thought it would now that you’ve tried it on at the bridal salon. Well, at least I hope that’s what you mean, and not that you actually bought a dress you’re now stuck with. Or, perhaps it was passed down to you from a family member? Whatever the reason, and regardless of how you obtained it, you obviously don’t feel confident in it. Every bride should look and feel gorgeous, so here are a few tips to helping those planning a wedding find the right dress.

  • Your once-in-a-lifetime red carpet moment.

I understand your frustration because you want to look your best on your wedding day. Every bride does since all eyes will be on you, and your wedding photos last a lifetime. If the first is true – that the dress you envisioned wearing doesn’t look the way you thought it would – I strongly suggest that you make an appointment with a very good bridal salon to enlist the assistance of a gown consultant.

  • Consult with a pro.

Rely on the bridal salon consultant for her expertise. There are many different fabric types, gown styles, and variations of the color white that will be daunting for any bride to try to figure out. Leave it up to the consultant to help you in selecting a gown in a fabric and style that makes you feel as beautiful in it as you look.

  • Do a dress rehearsal before you buy.

As you’re trying on gowns, pay attention to the bustle so you can determine if you can sit and move in it comfortably. You’ll be busy during your wedding, so make sure the dress you choose can keep up with you. For instance: Try sitting, hug someone in the salon, do a little spin, dance a little, walk around for a bit, etc. After all, these are all of the things you will be doing. You won’t be standing in one place at your wedding, so give it a test run before buying.

  • Fabric matters.

Find something you like in a style, fabric, and design that flatters you, then worry about the cost. Even if you’re on a restricted budget, you can still try on some of those high-priced designer gowns. You may find a style and cut that suits you perfectly. Armed with that information, from there you can find the same style in a fabric that’s less expensive. Also, be sure to have a slip on so your undergarments won’t be seen when direct light is on it such as sunlight, or other bright lighting such as flashes from all the photos your guests will be taking of you. And lastly, before you buy that hot lace lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret, keep in mind that bra cups are usually sewn into the gown, and if the fabric is thin, your hot little lace number will show.

  • Being measured for your gown.

Be sure to have the shoes you plan on wearing so the length measurements can be done properly. Also, have the undergarments you’ll be wearing to suck you in, cinch your waist, lift your bust and more on during measurements. Note: If there is anyone else besides your doctor who will know, your seamstress would know if you’re pregnant, so be honest and upfront about it if you are since it will affect your measurements.

  • Gown shopping.

Only visit one salon at a time. Going to several salons in one day can be tiring, especially the laborious task of getting in and out of heavy wedding gowns. The fatigue and stress will affect how you feel and the way you see yourself by the time you get to your last salon appointment.

Taylor Lea Thomas is an award-winning celebrity luxury wedding planner, and CEO of Elite Soirée, Inc. – the #1 luxury wedding planning company in the world devoted to the art of creating luxury weddings with an emphasis on style! For more information, visit Follow Taylor on Twitter for more tips and advice as you navigate this wonderful milestone in your life of planning your wedding: @taylorleathomas

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