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Ladies, I don’t have the luxury of going to bed without wrapping up my hair, hence parody videos like “Rag City” where men make fun of women who go to bed with “rags” on their head. I go to sleep with a “rag” on my head for a reason: to protect my hair! I’ve found that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can dry out and break off hair from the friction of hair on cotton, which won’t help me towards my goal of healthy hair.

All my ladies, lets challenge ourselves to get our hair ready for bed too. I try to spend at least 5-10 minutes every night on my hair so it won’t be a hot mess in the morning. Does your nighttime regimen include taking care of your hair too? Please share! Here are a few tips based on what I’ve tried and what my friends have shared:

• Straight hair/Relaxed – Consider wrapping your hair at night in a circular pattern and put a silk/satin scarf around your head securing all hair. If you want it to be even more secure, you can put a bonnet on top of that. (Avoid cotton bandanas a la Tupac! They are no bueno for your hair) Another way to keep your style and keep your hair from breaking is to pin curl your hair. Once you secure all of the curls with pins, put on a satin bonnet. Voila!

• Weave- First of all, make sure you don’t go to sleep with your hair wet. It will get matted and tangled and it will be a hot mess! Trust me ☺. If you are not putting rollers in or wrapping, you can make a loose bun and then put on your satin bonnet. Make sure you are protecting YOUR hair too and not just the extensions. I try to oil my scalp and edges to take care of my hair.

• Wavy hair- For my wavy haired ladies, you can put your hair in a loose braid and put a satin bonnet on.

See the trend yet? Satin or silk helps protect your hair.

• Kinky or Curly- I have curly natural hair. My regimen includes putting my hair in a high loose bun to avoid disrupting my curl pattern. Sometimes I take large sections and loosely twist my hair before putting my bonnet on. Whatever you do, don’t comb through your hair! It’s a sure way to disrupt your natural curl pattern.

If you are not into bonnets or scarves, or your man doesn’t like them, try a satin pillowcase. A satin pillowcase is much better than your standard cotton case, which can dry out your hair. You can literally sleep on it with your hair out and it won’t get damaged. Satin pillowcases aren’t just great for your hair, they are great for your skin too!

Let’s protect our hair from damage at night too!! What is your night time regimen? What have you found that works for your hair type? 

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