7 Men To RUN From When Online Dating

April 3, 2012  |  
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Think about this: people put time into how they represent themselves online. Those ten shirtless photos he posted of himself were no mistake. And, spellcheck does exist. He just didn’t choose to use it. Don’t ignore the signs. Take note of some of the men you should run from when dating online.

He doesn’t talk of friends
Pay attention to see if he tells stories of things he’s done with friends. Many women overlook the fact that a man hasn’t made any mention of friends. That’s not normal. If he doesn’t have a social life, something is wrong there. Chance are, he will pin all his hopes on a girlfriend. He’ll probably be needy and even jealous because he gives you all his attention–and expect you to do the same.

If he gets a little too detailed
“I don’t like women who tell you they’re going to yoga then you see them at the bar down the street with that friend–the one I can’t stand.” Ever see a description of what a man is or isn’t looking for this detailed? He isn’t just talking about “someone” there. He is talking about an ex—an ex he is clearly still hung up on.

Looking for his “princess”
If a man says this, he is looking for a woman who won’t speak up much. One who will be more like his child than his partner. In other words, he doesn’t want an equal. He will buy you gifts. He will take you out. But he doesn’t want you to speak up much. He is insecure and needs to feel like a man, and spending money on a woman helps him do it. Highly improbable he’s interested in what you have to say; just eat, sleep and be pretty for him.

Looking to be treated like a king
This man is similar to the one seeking his princess in the sense that he doesn’t want you to ever talk back to him, but he is worse because he doesn’t want to shower you with gifts. He wants to be showered, and put in no effort in return.

Doesn’t talk about prospective partners
You know that “what I’m seeking in a partner” box on the profile of just about every online dating site? Don’t talk to a man that fails to fill that part out. A man who writes paragraphs about himself but somehow forgets to fill out the one teensy, tiny part that talks about, oh yeah, the exact reason you’re online dating. This man is a narcissist. He doesn’t care who you are, so long as you adore who he is.

Uses words like “eternity”
If you come across a guy who uses extremely flowerly words like, “I’m seeking a partner for eternity” or “my soul mate” or “someone who will love me forever,” know that this person is a relationship addict. They idealize everyone they meet. They are in love with love. A stable, balanced, secure man does not say things like “I’m looking for my partner for eternity.” He says things like, “I’m looking for someone to have fun with, and see where things go.”

Disappearing act
He’s the guy who writes to you a few times a day for a week. Things are going great then he disappears for a few weeks. And then he pops up again, picking up the conversation as if nothing strange happened. This man, if you dated him, would only call you or ask you out when it was convenient for him. He is a taker; he shows up to talk to you online when his work or other parts of his life have calmed down. But, he is not good at fitting a relationship into his life.


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