When Tweeting Goes Wrong: 6 Celebrity Scuffles & Screw Ups on Twitter

March 30, 2012  |  
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We’ve all said things we really wish we could take back. We’re human beings and sometimes, a lot of times, our emotions completely impede our better judgment. And that was all before the technological revolution came about. Today, in this digital age, where your words, thoughts and musings can be disseminated almost instantly, your weak moments will be on display for everyone to see and document if they so choose. Luckily, most of us aren’t that popular. But for the celebs who use Twitter on a regular, this can be and has been very problematic. See which celebs have truly shown their behinds on Twitter. 

Spike’s Snafu

If you’ve followed Spike Lee’s career you know that the man has never been known to hold his tongue. And apparently his thumbs are also becoming a problem. Just this week, Spike re-tweeted what he thought was George Zimmerman’s address. In case you’ve been under a rock, Zimmerman is the man responsible for Trayvon Martin’s murder and has yet to be arrested.  Turns out the address really belonged to an elderly couple in Sanford, Florida. Womp! The couple were the recipients of hate mail and even unwanted visitors. Spike later issued an apology to the couple and had to cough up some money for the trouble he caused. So, I realize that Zimmerman isn’t the most loved man in America right now but how is re-tweeting his address going to bring  justice to the Martin family? If anything it just makes a bad situation worse… Since this mistake cost Spike a couple of coins, hopefully he’s learned his lesson.

Ashton’s Assumption

For a long while there, Ashton was the hottest thing on Twitter. It’s really not a surprise considering had the reigning title as America’s favorite white boy. Pre his scandalous divorce of course. Before the divorce though, Ashton was already sliding off on the popularity pole. In the midst of the Joe Paterno/Sandusky/Penn State controversy, Ashton broadcasted his cluelessness for millions to see by claiming the firing of the head coach was classless. He clearly didn’t know that there were several child molestation cases at the root of Paterno’s firing. At first, his comments made him look insensitive and then once his followers started clowning him and he acknowledged that he didn’t know what the hell was going on, he looked tragically ignorant. This stunt was too serious to pretend it was Punk’d for Twitter. Ashton eventually put himself on a Twitter time out. Good move.

Rihanna’s Rudeness

This @JuhReeV probably never thought Rihanna would actually read her tweet but oh how wrong she was. Rihanna must have had a lull in her schedule because not only did she read it, she responded. And not so kindly. She basically called the girl ugly. I really hate that this interaction had to go down like this. Neither of these parties thought their decisions all the way through. @JuhReeV didn’t consider the fact that Rihanna is a real person, who reads her tweets and Rihanna didn’t consider how her response would cause so much unnecessary turmoil. I’m not gonna lie I don’t know what I would’ve done in this situation. But I hope that if I were famous and in this situation, I would consider the ramifications of my diss. Rihanna’s Navy went on a retweeting frenzy with this one and further attacked the poor girl by calling her all types of unattractive. It got real ugly, real quick.

Mama Jones’ Mischief

My disgust for Mama Jones’ behavior is so very real. Women of her age who still act like argumentative, trouble-making teenagers perplex and low key frighten me. You know they say we fear what we don’t understand and lawd knows I don’t understand a mother and grandmother acting like this. In what I can only assume is another one of her attention-grabbing schemes, this toady voiced broad tried to start some mess with Olivia. And since she forgot to mention her, she composed another tweet, making sure Olivia saw it.

See how Olivia responded below. It’s not right but I understand…

J Hud’s Hood Moment 

Just because Jennifer Hudson doesn’t live on the Southside of Chicago anymore, doesn’t mean she won’t come see you. While I was not cool with Rihanna calling out that random girl, I can understand why J Hud popped off on this chick, since she decided to talk about her fiance. She called him gay… But more than that she questioned Jennifer’s weight loss, claiming that surgery was the real reason she was able to drop the baby weight. Was J Hud right? Naw, but people have been known to do and say far worse when their loved ones are concerned.

50’s Foolishness

When it comes to celebrity gossip, nothing is juicer than a quarrel between two former lovers. 50 and Ciara definitely gave us that. 50 randomly tweeted that he was a pimp. *Pause for dramatic side eye followed by an eye roll.* And, whether Ciara was referring to him or not, she wanted to send a message about character. As my father would say, “a hit dog sure will holler” and 50 immediately assumed she was talking about him. In true pimp fashion, he had to drop the b word. Ciara really didn’t engage. Kudos to her.

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