When Will Celebrity Men Really Start Living ‘Money Over Women?’

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I don’t really care much for the whole “money over b****es” saying on the surface but the philosophy behind it, I support. It reminds me of the quote from “I Think I love My Wife” when Chris Rock’s boss told him, “You’ll lose a lot of money chasing women but you’ll never lose women chasing money.” It’s such a simple concept but looking at the state of some of our biggest male celebrities who are nearly in the poor house because of child support and alimony payments this is clearly a lesson they have not learned.

Nas stopped by RapFix Live today to talk about his financial situation and when it came to the outrageous child support payments Nas has been ordered to make ($25,000 a month to Kelis, which is down from $50,000, plus money to his first child’s mother) the somber rapper said, “Life is crazy. I [wound] up paying more money to baby mommas than what some of my rap brothers and sistren make.”  It’s no wonder the man now owes $6 million in taxes.

To Nas’ credit he was actually married to Kelis, but a lot of these other characters out here? They’ve been sowing their wild oats into financial ruin. T.O., Dennis Rodman, Antonio Cromartie—the NY Jets who fathered nine children with eight women and had to get a $500,000 advance so he could make outstanding child support payments, these are just a few of the men who continue to think with their little head instead of their big one.

What’s disturbing to me is that these men have yet to learn from anyone else’s mistakes. We’ve all seen enough rich-celebrity-gone-broke stories to serve as an example that if you’re not smart enough to wear condoms to protect your physical health at least protect your financial well-being. Whether we’re talking about a rapper or a pro-athlete, that money can be here today gone tomorrow just by the sheer nature of the industries so why these men think they have enough money to father as many nations as Abraham and keep buying Bentleys and million-dollar homes is beyond me.

I’m honestly thinking about putting down the pen and becoming a “how not to lose your entire financial portfolio to baby mama’s” coach for rappers and pro athletes because the situation is getting ridiculous and I honestly have no sympathy for the ones who have fallen victim to the okie doke. I imagine these men have financial planners but what they need someone to break down to them is how quickly every penny they earn can dry up when they think it’s OK to sleep with women who will not hesitate to demand sufficient child support. T.O. was required to pay nearly $100,000 a month in child support to the mothers of his four children. That’s more money than most people see in a year.

Of course women are something that come along with the celebrity lifestyle, but random children don’t need to be. Not only is it irresponsible from a societal standpoint, it’s fiscally risky and an embarrassment to be facing jail time like a regular man working at McDonald’s who can’t afford child support when you’ve made millions on top of millions over the course of your career and now don’t have a pot to piss in because you’ve squandered it paying tens of thousands of dollars a month on illegitimate children you’ve fathered across the nation.

I suppose if a regular joe doesn’t know any better than to create a bunch of babies he can’t pay for on a $60,000 salary, I shouldn’t expect a pro-athlete to know any better but this trend has got to stop. At some point these men need to think about their own financial future because the career of a pro and most rappers is very short lived. The money won’t always be there especially if you’ve got more going out in child support payments then you have coming in paychecks. At some point you’ve got to think the risk just isn’t worth it.

Why do you think so many celebrity men keep going broke over child support? Do you think they’ll ever learn?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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