The Fashion Police’s Most Wanted: 6 Celebrities Whose Style Should Be A Crime

March 27, 2012  |  
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Occasionally, people have a fashion mishap, but some have made mishap their MO. Take Lil Kim for example. Like a hit recent record, style has evaded the pint-sized performer. These days, the right stylist can help a celebrity’s career, catapulting them from the fashion miss to the fashion hit list—even if they’re career doesn’t make the top of the charts. Check out this gallery of gaffes—six stars who missed the style memo—and continue to rack up tickets from the fashion police. 


Lil Wayne

We can give you a milli ways why Lil Wayne is a walking fashion disaster. From smedium shirts to tight, legging-like jeans, Wayne continues to embody the word ‘lil’ in everything he rocks. Perhaps “Mrs. Officer” can nix the speeding ticket and give him a number to a stylist.


Nicki Minaj

For better or even worse, Nicki’s seemingly pretty in pink aspirations are ever-elusive. Sure, she is bold, bright and ballsy, but that only makes things worse. From runways to concerts and of course, her latest Red Riding Hood incarnation at the Grammys, her over-the-top fashion antics are just awful. The next time Ms. Minaj goes for shock value, she may want to try dressing…normal.