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I guess you could consider Tionna Smalls’ statement that watching “Basketball Wives” makes you dumber yet another reason not to engage in the fabricated drama. Vibe Vixen caught up with the dating guru from “What Chilli Wants” and while we’re used to her speaking her mind when it comes to men and relationships, Tionna didn’t hesitate to say how she really feels about the network that put her on and their most controversial program. Here’s a bit of what she said.

“I don’t watch ‘Basketball Wives’ anymore for the simple fact that it lowers your IQ. I watched the show because my fans loved it and to watch with them, but I don’t like anyone on that show. Everyone [on the show] plays too tough. Staring at a bunch of weak b****es all day? I don’t have time for that.”

If Tionna seems a little angrier than expected, she has reason. She told Vibe Vixen she tried to get a more positive show for women on TV but it was shut down.

“Shows like [Basketball Wives] are turning our children into wh*res. Like, I’m on a book signing tour right now, about to go back to school to be a therapist… I am doing stuff right now. I also study relationships outside of school, and I am finding that they are turning your kids in obsessive angry wh*res. What people don’t realize is that I actually sold a show to a network called “Boss Chick.” They sold it back to me saying that people don’t want to see females in bossy roles; they want to see drama. People don’t want to see women getting money; they want to see us f*** rappers and get money from players.”

Well if Tionna can’t get television networks to buy into that reality, she’ll try to make sure young women get it somewhere else. Here’s what she said young women today should be learning about instead of how to sleep with rich men and get on TV.

“Entrepreneurship, financial literacy and independence, especially financial literacy. No matter what, we don’t know everything. I want to really teach young girls how to save. I’m only 27, and I’m just learning how to save for a rainy day. Before I even got on TV, I use to spend money, I used to waste money, I use to treat everybody to dinner, but now you won’t see me waste a lot of money. In the hood, we are taught to floss, but I definitely got something up my sleeves for the young girls. I want to create a non-profit after all this is done and be a boss chick. I got some classes coming called Entrepreneurial 101 for men and women because I never do anything for the men.”

Check out the rest of the interview here. What do you think about Tionna Smalls? Would you want to see her on another reality show?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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