Kesha Nichols on ‘Basketball Wives’: ‘I’m Just Not Used to the Cattiness’

March 15, 2012  |  

I have a feeling Kesha Nichols’ appearance on “Basketball Wives” this season will be both her first and last. Why? Because she’s professional, respectful, non-confrontational–you know all those things that apparently don’t make for good TV.

Although she’s a cast newbie, Kesha has already had a couple of spats. First, with fellow newcomer Kenya Bell over her music project and then with Tami who repeatedly called her out of her name because Kesha went to Evelyn about an issue she was having with her first instead of talking directly to her. Keysha handled both issues well on camera. But how does she really feel about the drama that’s ensued so far?  Here’s what she told Juicy Mag in an exclusive interview:

“I didn’t want what happened between Kenya and I to be so drawn out. I didn’t want to keep arguing with her because it wasn’t worth it. The first dinner we had with Tami and Evelyn, when we were meeting Shaunie, wasn’t the place to be hashing things out. And of course when you’re talking about something and you have three other opinions, things escalate and become a little bigger than what they really are. It didn’t really need to go there but that’s what the show is—all of us as a group talking about stuff. More than anything, I’m just not used to the cattiness and people being so vocal about their judgment of others.”

Although the situation with Tami hasn’t fully unraveled on screen yet, Kesha did explain why she took such offense to the resident bully’s accusations of her not being black enough:

“It’s never easy growing up, being half of one thing and half of something else especially when they’re complete opposites. I grew up in the South and when I was born it was never cool for interracial couples to be out and about, and it was looked down upon by the White community. My father and his side of the family weren’t in my life at all, so I was a little mixed kid growing up around all White people.

“My family loved me and never made feel any different but in school and other places I never felt White enough. As an adult, I’m around Black women that I want to relate to and now I’m not Black enough. It’s like I can’t win for losing. My question of “Blackness” was brought up on a previous episode by Tami. She said that I “didn’t look like a Kesha.” Whether my name is Kesha, Shaquana, or Becky—it doesn’t matter. I identify myself as Black. I feel if I want to relate to you as a Black woman, why would you ever want to push me away?”

Kesha also responded to a couple of shady rumors Tami and Kenya exposed about her getting Kenya’s soon-to-be-ex-husband’s phone number on camera.

“That was such a non-issue that it wasn’t even covered on the show,” Kesha said. “The show is all about drama. If there was something really there, don’t you think they would’ve jumped on that and made it a full storyline? They’re not trying to protect me anyway, I’m the new girl.

“I saw Kenya’s husband out in New York and it had been two years since I had seen either one of them. I was under the impression that they were still together and didn’t know that they weren’t. We had all exchanged information when were friends way back. When we started filming the show, I think he found out that Kenya was doing it and he texted me. He sent me a text that said “Hey.” I didn’t respond to it and I immediately told Kenya—end of story. It was nothing. That’s why we didn’t see it on the show.”

Kesha’s been handling the drama well so far, I just hope she doesn’t morph into a monster by the end of it all like the other ladies.

What do you think about Kesha? Will she survive the mean girls of “Basketball Wives?”

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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