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I like Yandy Smith. Despite a few spats on the last season of “Love and Hip Hop,” she seems to be the only reality TV star who can admit that some of the situations she was involved in on the show were her fault and that it’s ultimately the cast members’ responsibility to behave in front of the cameras the way they want to be perceived by the audience.

The Jasmine Brand recently caught up with the budding entrepreneur to talk about life after the show, the biggest lesson she learned in retrospect, and her advice for the upcoming Atlanta spin-off. Here’s what she said:

Her biggest lesson

“My biggest lesson was you can say no. If I had to do it all over again, there would be some things that I would probably think of ahead and just say ‘No, I’m not doing it.’ Like situations like ‘Okay we need you to walk into the luncheon with Erica’ and I see Kim sitting there, I should’ve thought ahead like ‘I’m not doing it’ and just said no. But you know it was the first time taping and I put a lot of trust in producers and just feeling like ‘they wouldn’t set me up, they wouldn’t make me look crazy,’ and I can’t blame anybody of course, but it’s about a show, making a great show. If a fight sparks off or some crazy words transpire, that’s what makes the show, that’s what keeps you guys tuned in.”

Advice for the Atlanta cast

“I would say be mindful that the camera’s on. It’s so easy to forget that you’re being taped. What is it that you wanna put out to the world? Everything I don’t feel like is for the world. And this is something that can be Googled, this is something that there are gonna be still pictures of. People are gonna share your most intimate, private moments with you, make sure it’s an intimate, private moment that you want to be shared. Be mindful that the camera is on you and this will haunt you for the rest of your life. You want to make a lasting impression of something that you want to be out there.”

How her life has changed since the show

“It’s crazy. Everyday I’m just like ‘Oh my gosh what am I getting myself into?’ I just take every day with a grain of salt. It’s so weird because I’m so not the glamorous type, and I’m not the super prissy. I’ve always just been about my business and behind the scenes. So now people wanna take pictures, I’m like ‘Oh my gosh I look a mess.’ And with my messiness I end up on twitter every day, all the time or MediaTakeout. So that part of it is difficult for me. So now, it’s like I have a voice. From going from 500 [Twitter] followers, which I had right before the show, to 300,000 now. It’s like what do you say to people? I have to watch what I say, I have to watch what I tweet, I have to watch the jokes I make because I’m very sarcastic. But when you know that the world is watching and listening… you really have to be careful with what you do. And that’s difficult and it gets very annoying. ‘Cuz sometimes I just wanna be me.”

Yandy also talked about being hurt by some of the comments people make about her online but she didn’t say anything specific about the baby bump rumors that recently surfaced. Check out the rest of the interview to see what Yandy has in the works career-wise here.

Do you agree with her advice for the Atlanta cast? What would you add?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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