WEEKEND WRAP-UP! LisaRaye Throws Shade, Introducing Big K.R.I.T. + MORE!

March 11, 2012  |  
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Hey loves, weekend wrap-up time! I’ve got to admit, our celebrity “friends” have been pretty quiet this weekend but there are some things out there I want to tell you guys about.  Enjoy!

LisaRaye, Duane Martin & The Smiths…WHAT?!

Will Smith and his boy Duane Martin are on the cover of the most recent STAR magazine (a gossip rag) and they say that Duane is allegedly the reason Will and Jada are breaking up.  Now, those of us who have followed the celeb gossip for some time have always heard that Will, Duane and Jada were all into a myriad of things and that Will and Duane have had some “dealings.” You’ve never heard that? Well whatever, that’s not the story.  On Friday, someone tweeted about the story and mentioned LisaRaye having marriage problems due to Duane as well. What did she say? Nothing, right? WRONG. She replies, “Sound VERY familiar.” Look at LisaRaye, always trying to stay relevant. Those damn Smiths can’t be happily married (or figure out a way to divorce) without everyone getting in the mix.

Angela Bassett Coming Back to TV

Welcome back to the small screen, Angela Bassett! The Hollywood Reporter recently learned that Angela will be one of the stars of a new untitled teen spy show that will air on Fox. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen her on tv so I am excited about it. I almost forgot to tell you about her role: she’ll be playing the CIA director on the show which centers around “Jane Forsythe, the orphaned 14-year-old daughter of a CIA operative who encounters a mysterious rogue agent/assassin who ultimately serves as both her surrogate father and professional mentor in the spy world. “ Fox shows tend to do really well so this has lots of potential to be a long-term gig! I tell ya, she and hubby Courtney B. Vance STAY on the grind. Love it!

Lil Kim and Rocsi…AWKWARD!

Friday, March 9th was the 15 year anniversary of the passing of arguably the greatest rapper of all time, Notorious B.I.G. To honor that, Lil Kim hit up 106th & Park to share her memories and things of that nature. Toward the end of the interview, Rocsi decided there was an “elephant in the room” and asked her about her alleged beef with Nicki Minaj. At first, Kim laughed it off and was like, “Nah, let’s not even talk about it.” Rocsi pressed on so Kim basically said, “Look this is about Kim. We gave you that movie already…if it comes up again, we’ll give you another one but this is about me and the music…” Rocsi was looking like a deer caught in headlights and Terrence, as usual, had to pick up the pieces and move the interview along.  Oh Rocsi.  Check out the video on The YBF.

Van Dyke says “I Do”

In love news of the day, Yahoo! reports that actor package Van Dyke said “I Do” again at the age of 86 to his new bride, Arlene Silver, last week In Malibu. Arlene is a 40 year old makeup artist package met five years ago at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  I’ve been reading various comments and while some people are saying that the age difference is just ridiculous, others say it is no big deal and love can happen between anyone. What do you think about such age differences? Further, do you think there’s a double standard? Are women more ridiculed when they date or marry someone much younger than men?

Heavy D Still Owes Taxes

Sadly, just because our beloved Heavy has passed it isn’t stopping the state of California for trying to retrieve funds. According to TMZ, Heavy has a tax lien against him in the amount of $43, 967.87. Does anyone know what happens in these circumstances? Will life insurance be able to pay for something like that or do they go after family members’ funds?  So sad to hear and honestly, I feel like if a person owed a debt and they pass away, everything should just be wiped away. I still miss Heavy like I knew him…

Taylor Swift is #1 Again

That’s right and this time she’s the #1 Money Maker of 2011 according to Billboard.  I know Taylor catches a lot of heat because quite frankly, people don’t think she comes across as likeable but the teen girls LOVE her and her bank account proves it. According to Billboard she earned $35 million last year.  U2 came in second place with $35 million and Lil Wayne rounded out the Top 5 at $23 million. Check out the rest of the Money Makers here. Are you on the list? LOL!

New Music Alert!

Every so often, I’m going to try and introduce you to a new (or maybe someone just still underground) artist that I LOVE and am sure you will too.  Today, I introduce some of you to Big K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time), a rapper from Mississippi. K.R.I.T. is and speaks the TRUTH (and though he bears a resemblance to Tracy Morgan, he’s CUTE…mmmmhmmm). He has three mixtapes out – the third, 4evaNaDay, was released last Monday) – and they’ve all gotten better with time.  What does he rap about? Life, social issues and yes, sex and women.  I really could go on and on about K.R.I.T because he’s been my favorite rapper for the last year and a half or so.  If you want a well-rounded view of his content, I say check out “Children of the World,” “Yesterday, “The Vent” and “Temptation.” I can almost guarantee you’ll love him and want to see him in concert.

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