Who’s The Boss?: Are You Wearing The Pants & Pumps In Your Relationship….

March 11, 2012  |  
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Every woman thinks she’s a “cool” girlfriend—that she is laid back, goes with the flow, lets her man do what he wants. But, are you really? Here are 7 signs your guy might be walking on eggshells for you…

He is uncomfortable around other women

At parties when another woman is trying to talk to your man, does he look uncomfortable? Does he give her one word answers, avoid eye contact, look around the room a lot? He might fear that you’re watching him and will think he is flirting with someone if he so much as smiles at them.

He gets real aggressive in bed

To the point that you’re asking yourself, “Who is this person?” Guys who feel submissive in a relationship often become super dominant in bed, because it’s the only place they can be.

He asks “are you mad?” a lot

If your boyfriend asks this a lot, you can be pretty sure that he watches his words and actions around you. And he clearly thinks you’re easily irritable.

His friends are quiet around you

If he and his friends are laughing and chatting when you’re down the hall but completely shut up when you walk in the room, they probably don’t get laid back vibes from you. Your boyfriend may have even told them not to bring up certain things around you.

Is he “good cop” all the time?

When the two of you are talking to friends, does he follow up everything you say to someone with a really positive comment? Is he like a male cheerleader to any of your friends who talk to the two of you about their problems? Do you sit there thinking, “He is not being realistic!”? He might think you’re not positive enough and tries to make up for it by being the “good cop” in the relationship.

He hides activities from you

Have you discovered some hobby of his that is very important to him, but that he’s been hiding from you the entire relationship? He might fear that you’ll think it’s childish and make fun of him for it. And maybe it is childish! But, he should be able to share those things with you.

You always do what you want

If you look back at the last couple of months, who decided on every weekend’s activities? Who decided what you ate and which friends you saw? If it was you, ask yourself this: is he a doormat, or do you just not make him feel safe to voice what he wants?

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