WEEKEND WRAP-UP: Tyler Didn’t Know Kim K, Jim Jones Gets Arrested! + MORE

February 26, 2012  |  
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Hey loves! Well, it’s All-Star Sunday (that’s the NBA All-Star game for you non-sports fans) and that means I’ve got the weekend wrap-up. Some of the celebs are a mess as usual and I even threw in a couple of stars that we don’t often talk about. Don’t forget I’m always on Twitter (@DrennaB) if you want to chat it up. Andddddd we’re off…

Jim Jones Arrested

It seems Jimmy found himself in a situation and it ended with him being arrested.  So, while Jim was in Connecticut last night in Foxwoods chillin in the casino, a man who was likely drunk steps to Jim and starts speaking sideways to him. By all accounts, Jim tried to ignore the guy but he kept talking and then started throwing punches towards Jim. So like anyone else would do, Jim started throwing back in self-defense. The man’s friends jumped in, Jim’s people jumped in and there was a brawl.  It took five police officers to get Jim off the guy but they also maced Jim and then arrested him.  Yeah, I’m a little confused here. He’s posted bond and should be home now but a couple of questions come to mind: (1) Why was Jim arrested and (2) why wasn’t the other guy – the one who started it all – seemingly not arrested?  Yeah, something doesn’t sound right to me but check out the video footage on TMZ.


Viola’s Hubby LOVES the new look

As soon as we saw Viola’s new hairstyle, the teeny weeny ‘fro, we all agreed that was her “it” look.  But we’re not the only ones because Viola’s husband, Julius, loves it too. She told Instyle.com that Julius told her to “take the wig off” and wear her natural – this was apparently before going to a pre-Oscar’s event. He continued by telling her that if she wants to wear her wigs for her career that’s fine but “in your life wear your hair.” Go ‘head, my man Julius!  I do hope we see Viola wear her own hair out more often but I understand the pressure of Hollywood so if she does continue with wigs, my only request is to get better quality wigs and styles that fit her face better.

‘Top Chef’ Tea

Let me start by saying that this little cup of tea may or may not be laced with shade and if you don’t watch the show, you’ll at least know a little something when you’re done.  So in 2010, “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi gave birth to her now 2 year old daughter, Krishna. Padma was super hush about who the father was even though she’d been in a relationship with major business man Teddy Fortsmann who was about 30 years her senior (sadly, he passed in November of cancer). Well as it turns out, her daughter’s father is Adam Dell (he’s the brother of Michael Dell, who founded DELL Computer) and for some reason, Padma is trying to keep him away from his daughter. But Adam has since filed a lawsuit against Padma to get full custody and to have his name added to the birth certificate.  Poor Krishna – all this drama and she just turned two! But luckily for her, although Teddy was not her father he treated her as such from the day she was born and left her a trust fund of…$1.8 BILLION. Yes, you read it correctly. Padma clearly has certain dating goals in mind – she digs DEEP for gold. Check out the rest of the dish on Hollywood Life.

Brandy & Monica talk about their kids and music!

By now, we should all know that Brandy and Monica are promoting their latest duet, “It All Belongs To Me” and it’s kind of fun seeing them as adults when we remember seeing them as teens promoting “The Boy Is Mine.” They spoke to PEOPLE about their children now wanting to be in the music industry. Brandy says her daughter Sy’rai who’s almost 10 is already talking about following her mom’s footsteps (she sings and dances all the time) but Brandy is making sure she takes her time and focuses on school and just being a child.  Monica’s son Rodney is six and has a slightly different approach on entering the industry: he wants to be a drummer! Monica said he plays daily and is also asking for lessons all the time. But like Brandy’s daughter, he takes his schooling serious…he’s not even seven and in the third grade! PEOPLE has the full article where the two songbirds talk more about life, friendship and love.

Teen Fighting Cancer gets his wish…sort of

Kevin McGuire, an 18 year old senior from New Jersey, is sadly battling leukemia for the second time.  So in an effort to lift his spirits, he sent Taylor Swift a Facebook message asking her to be his date to his senior prom.  His sister Victoria took it a step further in an effort to get Taylor’s attention by starting a Facebook campaign which gained responses from close to 90,000 people, according to Yahoo!  Well…Taylor responded! That’s right, Taylor actually went to Victoria’s campaign page and while she declined the invitation to go to the prom, she invited Kevin to be her date to the Academy of Country Music Awards in April provided he’s feeling well enough to attend. Something tells me he will do all he can to be feeling okay by that weekend. Good for him!


Tyler Perry wasn’t Familiar with Kim Kardashian?

Well, that’s what he told Chelsea Handler in an interview earlier this week.  Tyler said that because he doesn’t watch television he didn’t know much about her at all. That is, of course, until he started catching all the backlash from his fans.  I mean, I find it extremely hard to believe that Tyler Perry wasn’t at all familiar with Kim Kardashian before her name came up in the discussion about fulfilling that role.  You don’t have to watch television to know that her family is kind of a big deal right now…even if we hate it.  I guess that was a way of trying to get some of the heat off of him but whatever.  As he’s stated before, he still stands by his decision and she did a good job in her role. You can check out the video over on Necole Bitchie.

Jaheim…what were you thinking?!

Finally, in WTF news of the day, Twitter has been clowning Jaheim all weekend for the suit he wore to Whitney Houston’s funeral. First, let’s be clear: he didn’t even really know Whitney but got a “hook up” on an invitation. Let that one marinate.  Anyway, Jaheim wore looked-like-purple-but-was-actually-blue silk suit to the funeral and it was…well, you see it.  He’s been involved in various Twitter arguments since tweeting the pics himself and quite frankly, I can barely understand his lingo. I guess that’s to be expected when you’ll walk out the house looking like that. To get a full body shot, just head on over to Jaheim’s twitter page – if you dare – where he posted many photos of the day.

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