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If you’ve seen BET in the last five years, you know the network plays “The Wood” every other day. While that fact alone might sway some of you to believe the movie is garbage, I’d suggest you take a second look. This nostalgic flick, while seemingly simplistic, is chalked full of golden nuggets we all could stand to learn or re-learn. Here are just a few examples of what I’m talking about…

Sometimes your friends are Dead Wrong

How much trouble did a young Slim (Duane Finley) and Roland (Trent Cameron) get Mike (Sean Nelson) into? From jump, they were the ones who encouraged Mike to run up and touch Alicia’s (Malinda Williams) booty on the black top, resulting in his imminent azz whooping. You would think the shenanigans would have stopped by the day they’d finished puberty; but even in adulthood, Roland’s (Taye Diggs) boys were still trying to convince him marrying Lisa (LisaRaye) wasn’t the right thing to do. Point is, whether you’re an adolescent or a full grown adult, listening to your friend’s wayward advice will get you into all types of trouble. Hear what they have to say but think for yourself.

You never forget your first love

Whether he or she treated you like royalty or put you through the eighth circle of  hell, you’ll always remember the first person who stole your heart. Let’s say it together, Aaawww! Now don’t you just feel all tingly inside? But in all seriousness, your first love teaches you how to interact in romantic situations and how you do and don’t want to be treated by a love interest. They’re the first person, outside of your family, to make you feel loved and wanted. So, whether it works out or you can’t stand the thought of them, you’ll always remember how they impacted your life.

Family Comes First

Just the image of Stacey (De’Aundre Bonds), makes me laugh. His character was truly crazy as all hell. And even though he was living his own hood dream, he never forgot what was important: his family, his sister in particular. Once he found out there was a youngin’ trying to feel on his sister’s booty, he was on it. While he might have gotten a little carried away, who can blame him? He had to set an example. Alicia was not to be messed with. Family first.

Slow Dancing is the way into a Woman’s Heart

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it until everyone feels as passionately about slow dancing as I do: slow dancing is the bestest. I mean think about it, when else can you press your chest and genital region against the opposite sex, in public, without people threatening to call the police? Such a sensual expression of attraction. So sensual, in fact that your body can jump the gun, believing you’re in a more private environment. Remember Mike’s little erection? It got really real for him. LOL. Luckily ladies, our arousal is less noticeable, so you can dance the night away with no shame.

Your First Time might be a little Awkward

Do you remember the sex/loss of virginity scene with Mike and Alicia? I was twelve when I first saw this movie with parents at the crib. Thinking this sex scene was going to be more than it was, they tried to shield my sister and I from what was taking place on screen. When I saw the movie later, it clearly wasn’t much of anything, just an awkward teenaged boy moving on top of a teenaged girl under the comforter. The scene, although almost painful to watch, was so real and relatable because, really who knows what they’re doing the first time they have sex?

Hold on to Good Friends

Whether you met them in the sand box, in your high school algebra class, freshman year of college or on your first job, it’s important that you recognize who has your best interest at heart. Once you’ve found them, do your best to keep them around. Sure, life can get in the way and you may find yourself in different places at different times; but if you’ve managed to mature and develop at the same pace, you should make an effort to nurture those relationships. You don’t find good friends everyday.

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