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Ladies, we all appreciate a fine looking man. So much so that we might start to confuse their mannish good looks for actual talent. But you know a man is a good actor when he plays a role so convincingly that you start to fall for his character more than the physicality he was blessed with genetically. Granted, some of the men below are fine already, but we all know that a fine man can play a horrible character that’ll have you too disgusted. Check out this list of characters to see what we mean…

Detective Ellis Carver in The Wire

So Seth Gilliam is a naturally beautiful man. Like for real, I’ve had extensive conversations with my friend about how often and how ferociously this man could get it. He’s fine! But looks aside, it was his character that had me crushing on him. (I saw a picture of him, the real Seth, out of character and he just didn’t have the same effect on me.) I like that he grew and matured on The Wire. He went from a shady street cop who was stealing money from drug busts to a detective who would turn in men from his own department, if it meant doing the right thing. You’ve got to love a man who matures!

Dr. Ben Warren in Grey’s Anatomy

Do ya’ll remember Jason George when he was on UPN’s show Eve? The brotha’s character was corny than a mug, right? Well, it just goes to show you that good writing is essential to character development and ultimately an actor’s career. When Jason George plays Dr. Ben Warren on Grey’s Anatomy, he lays his mack game down! The way he handles the feisty, strong-willed Miranda Bailey is so smooth, it has me feeling giddy. He’s sensual and playful when he needs to be but he also knows how to bring her back around when she’s acting a fool.

Max in “A Goofy Movie”

I know you’re probably thinking you’ve somehow clicked off the site and landed on But let me explain. As you can see, “A Goofy Movie” left a very strong impression on me as a kid, the soundtrack, the story line and the writing captivated me. And even today, watching it as an adult I see how layered it is. It really is a coming of age story. The movie explores how a teenaged boy, uhh dog, learns to accept his father and eventually himself. He learns that when it comes to the ladies, it’s best to be yourself, quirks and all. Who can’t relate to that? Max reminds me of yesterdays when boys were still shy and didn’t really know how to approach “the fairer sex.” If that didn’t convince you, I don’t know what to tell you. This is my movie, no one can change my mind.


Chris ‘Cav’ Anton Vichon in “Brown Sugar”

I really do wish Mos Def and I could be friends in real life. Not only do I think the brotha seems like an all around cool dude, he’s a modern day renaissance man. While his forte is clearly music, he is also one of, if not the best rapper turned actor (after Tupac). If you need evidence of this, you should check him out in “Something the Lord Made” and “Monster’s Ball.” But if you failed to notice it, check him out in “Brown Sugar” one mo’ gin. I loved the dichotmy of his character. On the one hand, he was this exceptionally gifted and confident M.C. but when it came to trying to get up the courage to speak to Francine (played by Queen Latifah) homeboy got tongue tied. It was too cute!

DCI John Luther in Luther

There’s no denying that Idris is fine. We talk about his sex appeal at least once a week on the site. But he’s equally talented. His character John Luther is something like a shady detective. But he’s shady for the right reasons. Meaning that if he has to bend the rules a little bit to get the right outcome, he’s willing to do it. His morality is strong even if his respect for protocol is a bit askew. He’s flawed but he’s genuinely concerned about people and that’s what we dig about him. He did win a Golden Globe for the role. So you know he’s doing something right.

Darius Lovehall in “Love Jones”

For once can we black people discuss movies without “Love Jones” creeping up in the conversation? Sure, someday, but today is not that day. Darius was multifaceted. He was so sweet and persistent in his pursuit of Nina (Nia Long) but once they got into the relationship he was taking phone calls from a former fling. Shady. To Larenz Tate’s credit, I liked the fact that Darius came off as a real human being. For all his flaws, I loved the fact that he was a gentleman even when Nina stepped out of the box by coming to a house party with his friend after they’d broken up. (Still don’t know what she was thinking.) After they awkwardly bumped into each other, she claimed she was going to walk home late at night? Darius had to let her know she was being a fool. “You’re stompin’ down the street like somebody done stole your Fawkin bike!” Baahaaa! Let her know Darius! That line gets me crunk every. time. I hear it.

Troy Barnes in Community

Aww doesn’t the sight of Donal Glover just make you smile? He has such a boyish appeal to him. No where is this more apparent than in his role as Troy Barnes on Community. As a former star quarterback and prom king, Troy had to humble himself to grow up. Although he enrolled in Greendale, a community college, to get away from the pressure of playing ball he still had some maturing  to do. Again, he’s a character that evolved from an immature jock into a loyal friend to Abed. And it doesn’t hurt that Barnes (or Glover) is a lil swole. 😉

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