Friends & Lovers: What To Avoid When Introducing Your Guy To Your Girls

February 18, 2012  |  
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Our biggest worry when introducing our boyfriend to our friends is having him impress them. But, there are some things we do that make that hard for the poor guy. Here are a few things to avoid when  showing off our new boo…

Don’t leave him out of girl talk

Getting a few close female friends together and talk of the opposite sex is inevitable. Don’t cover your boyfriend’s ears or fail to get him up to speed with the conversation because you assume he will just be bored with it. He might actually be able to offer your friends some insight on their guy troubles! That’s a serious opportunity for him to shine.

Don’t be overly affectionate

There is a certain type of touch that says, “I am proud of this person, I feel protected by him” and then there is a certain type of touch that says, “Isn’t he just the cutest??” Don’t talk to your boyfriend in baby voices, or grab his cheeks and pull his face to yours for a kiss, or nuzzle his neck. Maybe you do this on the couch at home, but in front of friends it makes him look like a pet.


Don’t get too personal

Don’t bring up negative things that have happened to him. That is up to him to bring up. Job losses. Loss of loved ones. If you bring it up, your boyfriend might get a pity party he so didn’t want. If he wants to talk about those things to your friends, he will bring them up in a tone and manner that he is comfortable with.

Don’t deny him when he tries to pay

Yes, he is footing the bill for maybe three or four more ladies than usual, but it’s just this one time and if you don’t let him do it, it completely emasculates him. And the good news is, if you do let him do it, he wins major brownie points with your friends.

Don’t include him on the order

“We’ll have 4 cosmos plus whatever he wants.” Don’t forget that second part. You don’t need to make your man feel like a total girl by including him on the round of whatever it is you and your friends usually get.


Don’t talk about your sex life

Maybe your man does have some phenomenal skills. Maybe he has a flawless, beautiful…you know. But that is not something most men want you bringing up to your friends in front of them. All they can do in that situation is sit there silently and feel like a sex object.

Don’t try to set up your friends

Don’t put your man in the awkward position of having to fumble through pretending that he thinks your “brilliant” idea to suggest a setup between your friend and his is a good idea, when he knows they are not a good fit. Ask him in private if he thinks it’s a good match, and if he says yes, then bring it up to your friend.

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