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Pretty soon people are just going to give up on flying all together. From high ticket prices, to bag fees, to hair checks, to body scanners, which apparently some perverted TSA employees are now using to get off on, soaring the blue skies hardly ever seems worth it.

Several women have filed complaints against the Dallas/Fort Worth airport claiming they were asked to walk through scanners multiple times and overheard employees making inappropriate remarks about their bodies. Ellen Terrell is one of the women who came forward. She told CBS she was asked to go through a scanner three times, and that the female agent escorting her around told her she had a “cute figure.” She said the female agent was also making comments to the male agents viewing the images, and at one point she heard her say, “Come on, guys!” and “They’re not blurry. I’m going to let her go.”

When a local CBS news station requested to see the 500 or so complaints that were filed against the airport, reporters found many women felt TSA agents were “randomly” picking attractive women for additional screening. One said, “I feel I was targeted by the TSA employee to go through the see-you-naked machine because I am a semi-attractive female.” Another commented that “TSA staff ‘trolling’ the lines looking for people to pull out was unprofessional,” and another said “When I looked around, I saw that there were only women that were told to go through this machine. There were no men.”

Of course, TSA denied the whole thing, saying “TSA does not profile passengers,” but according to CBS they no longer use the body scanners. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the other 39 airports across the country that do. This is just gross.

Have you ever been asked to repeatedly go through a body scanner at the airport?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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