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I know, I said I don’t like using the word homewrecker for cheating women, but Kim Kardashian has actually wrecked her own home a few times so I think the term is pretty applicable to her.

Not long after Kim announced her 72-day marriage was a done deal last year, there was speculation that she ditched being Mrs. Kris Humphries to run back into the arms of ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, and since that time, the rumors haven’t slowed down. The latest word is that the two are friends—for now—because Kim wants to take things slow and heal from the divorce, but both love and miss one another and don’t know what may come in the future. So while things may be up in the air right now, according to sources, if they land with Reggie and Kim back together, I just want to know two things: where they do that at and what kind of Voodoo, Angelie Jolie magic spell does Kim puts on these men to keep her in their good graces?

I’m actually starting to think Ray J really was sexmatized by her. See, Kim has one of those relationship rap sheets that, if she was a man, would make a woman tell her girlfriend “run!” She cheated with Kanye West while she was with Reggie which in turn ruined Amber Rose and Kanye’s relationship—theft rumors aside—then she got married to Kris in what seemed to be nothing more than a money-making publicity stunt that ended two-and-a-half months later. Not to mention this was her second marriage, and if we believe what Ray J has to say about “KK” in his new tell-all, she was creeping on him too. Can someone point me to this girl’s redeeming quality? Just one.

I know, it’s Kim and Reggie’s business what they do with their hearts, but I find it surprising Reggie would even entertain Kim after all of this drama. Men typically aren’t the type to give second chances, especially after they’ve been cheated on, and particularly when it comes to dating a woman who’s run through quite a few of our nation’s major league athletes. The locker room jokes alone would be enough to make most men say her ample backside just ain’t worth it. But not Reggie, he loves him some Kim, which made me wonder why they broke up in the first place again.

Let the Kardashians tell it, Reggie wasn’t ready for rings and baby carriages so Kim decided to find someone who was—we see how well that worked out. Reggie’s camp, on the other hand, said it was Kim’s crazy “work” schedule and her need to continuously be in the spotlight that pushed him away. Kim has taken a little breather from the media attention since announcing her divorce—sort of—so maybe Reggie sees that change as a positive sign that they can have more candlelight dinners and less cameras. But if he’s expecting to wife someone who will be happy waiting for him at home after he comes back from training camp and who won’t cheat on him while he’s gone, I’m just not sure Kim is the one. What happened to his look-a-like Kim K girlfriend anyway? That’s just one more sign that ol’ boy’s got it bad.

What do you think about Kim and Reggie getting back together? Is he crazy in love or are they right for one another?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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