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TS Madison and Jess Hilarious are beefing again!

On her Phag Tawlk podcast, Madison slammed Jess for joining her Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God in criticizing viral TikToker Reesa Teesa, claiming she displayed “Big Back” Behavior.

“See, the thing about it is, what all the people over there that want to jump on your pussy lips…they’re sitting here because I’m a tranny. They want to sit here and overlook the fact that you, as a woman, who just almost a year ago [called] for ‘men to protect us,'” Madison said. “And then you sitting right next to a nigga, who’s talking about a woman, bitch, and you jumped in on the bandwagon [and[ helped dragging her.”

According to Charlamagne, “big back behavior” is when a “desperate” bigger woman tries to keep a man she knows isn’t good for her. And he used Sheila from Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married as an example because Sheila worked to keep her marriage to asshole Mike alive.


The Bros actress fired back, stating “small women” and “big back” women had the same problems, using Jess and Kountry Wayne’s history as an example.

The 32-year-old comedian and Wayne dated briefly in 2019, but the 36-year-old YouTuber was still married amid their relationship. Jess claimed in an interview with Cam Newton that she was under the impression he was divorced. Wayne went on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe and jabbed at his ex for spewing his name in interviews, saying he wanted her to stop.


“You thought that she was going to come into it with a nigga that had 66 baby motherfucking mamas and was going to be wifey, and he showed your ass,” Madison said. “And you still running your mother fucking small back ass round here giving that man problems. That man said, ‘Leave me alone. It’s been five years, bitch. Leave me alone.'”

Madison claimed Jess’ ex-boyfriend, Chris (not to be confused with her current beau), led her to hate women, particularly “big back” women, because he cheated on her with bigger women, according to Jess.

The 46-year-old trans actress then claimed her ex, Chris, messed around with those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.

“Miss He-larious, let me explain something to you. I didn’t f—k your n—a. Those other punks did. I wasn’t sucking your n—a dick; those other punks was. I wasn’t motherf—g the one feeding your n—a dick, b—h, allegedly, those other punks was doing it. And that’s why you moved on and found you some other n—as, who you hoes put y’all heads on the chopping block about. You don’t know what the f—k them niggas gon’ do with they life.”

On Feb. 22, Charlamagne the god bashed Reesa Teesa on the Breakfast Club, claiming how she handled her marriage to “Legion” exhibited “big back” behavior. He claimed “big back” women were desperate to get and keep a man.

Jess responded to Madison, saying the trans actress was reaching and moving the conversation from the original topic. The comedian also asserted she didn’t want to continue the conversation nor resolve the issue and affirmed they weren’t friends. 


Madison agreed that the two wouldn’t be besties but sent blessings to Jess on her journey.

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