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By Rhonda Campbell

Our great-grandparents and grandparents did it. Some of our parents did it as well. They took on second jobs to increase the overall income levels of the family. Whether you’re single and childless or married with children, you can easily increase your income by taking on a second job, but the job doesn’t have to be a strenuous mess. Try these on for size:

Benefits of Working an Easier Second Job

Because you already have a part-time or full-time job, it’s important that you accept a second job that you enjoy, one that involves work you’re truly passionate about. Thanks to the Internet, you can work second jobs from home. Of course, you can also commute to and from your second job so you can connect with colleagues and customers in person.

To get the greatest benefits out of a second job, get clear about what you plan to do with money you earn from the job. If you spend every cent you earn on products and services that have a short lifespan, you may start to feel like the second job doesn’t offer sufficient rewards for your efforts and decide to quit. On the other hand, if you decide to use income from the second job to pay off credit card debt, buy a new car, deposit money into an investment account or put money aside for you or your child’s education, you can reap rewards from the job for years.

Five Great Second Jobs That Increase Your Household Income

  • Freelance writer: search writing job boards like Morning Coffee, Media Bistro,, Indeed and Journalism Jobs and you can earn thousands of dollars a year creating blogs, articles, product reviews and other content for clients. Write on topics you enjoy, or topics you would even like to be more knowledgeable about in the future. If you have strong research skills, you can increase your chances of landing jobs with quality clients.
  • Data entry clerk: you may need data entry software to work as a data entry clerk. If so, ask your employer if they’ll pay for the software. Depending on the clients you support, you could make $15 or more an hour working 10-20 hours a week as a data entry clerk.
  • Tax consultant: if you work with companies like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, you may be required to have two or more years of tax preparation experience to get hired. However, you can also work a second job at tax preparation firms as a receptionist. Local IRS offices also hire tax consultants to handle backlogged work during tax season.
  • Customer service representative: you may have to work onsite at a company or you might be able to work from home as a customer service representative. To succeed at this job, generally you’ll need strong communications skills, patience and a desire to help and serve others.
  • Product sales representative: if you like working with others, listening and responding to customer requests, you can succeed as a product sales representative. Get paid on commission and you can make thousands of dollars a year. You can also use sales skills you learn to grow your own business.

Money from second jobs can be used to pay the mortgage or rent, pay for vacations or build household savings. You can also take a second job to pay for holiday gifts, beauty products and entertainment. Additionally, if you own and operate a business, you can increase the amount of capital you have to infuse in your business if you take on a great second job. Beyond that, by working a second job you can increase your hands-on experience and learning. Take a second job in an industry that complements your business or aspirations and you just might learn about new trends, strategies and marketing platforms that you can use to grow your company.

Rhonda Campbell, an East Coast journalist, is the owner of Off The Shelf radio and publisher of Long Walk Up and Love Pour Over Me.

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