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By all accounts, break ups aren’t usually easy.  There are times when you know you’ve been working to save the relationship but it isn’t happening so you all sit down and agree that the “love thang” should come to an end.  But breakups seldom go well so we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst and quite frankly, some of the most outlandish, ways of being broken up with.  It is just my opinion that if you were broken up with by your significant other (maybe you were a non-married couple or you were married) in any of these ways or WORSE, they never cared about you from the start. They were probably always a loser and you just didn’t want to see it!

Text message/phone call/email

You know, I don’t really think this is working for me anymore.  I’m just not…feeling it.  We had a good run but…you know how it is.”  WORD? How do you even respond to that? No response? A super long message back telling them how you feel?  Do you just slam the phone down? I mean, what?

Social Networking site

Ever since you’ve been together the “marital status” has been shown as “in a relationship” but all of a sudden, that part now says “it’s complicated,” “single” or has been removed altogether. He may have even removed you from his friends list. Seeing as though statuses have to now be made known on one of these sites to “know that it’s real,” you likely won’t hear from the man again if one of these things happens.

You just don’t hear from him again

Avoidance has got to be one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship.  You’re not sure if the reason your significant other is avoiding you because of something that’s happening within your relationship or something else that they don’t want to share with you. So what happens? You call and call trying to get an answer. You send frantic texts and email since you aren’t getting an answer or call back.  As a last ditch effort, since you don’t know if your boo is alive or not, you even pop up at the house. Nothing.  Finally, you hear from someone you know that they saw what was your significant other so you know they’re fine.  Damn. While you’d been worrying all that time, you were being broken up with without even being told.

Catch them with someone else

Welp, the ish doesn’t get much clearer than this.  If you and your significant other have been together for quite some time, there’s a strong possibility (as it should be) that you’ve met a vast majority of their friends.  As with many relationships, there are times when you’re going through a rough patch but with luck, you can work through them. Yeah, you can…until you see them out with someone else. And no, these aren’t just two homies (and why haven’t you met “the homie?”) kickin’ it.  No, we all know the looks, the smiles, the quick glances that let us know something more is going on.  Yeah, you’ll talk after the fact and there will be some explaining to do but in all likelihood, this relationship is over because you’ve caught them cheating in the act!


So here you are basking in the glow of the good, extra lovin’ (cue Jill Scott, first album) and your boo gets out of bed and starts talking some gibberish about a break up.  Say what now?  After you’ve put in some good work, you’re told that you think it is best if some time apart is best.  How RUDE.  There’s one thing to be a jump-off and asked to leave or told that this can’t keep happening but to be in a relationship and be told to that it is over while you’re lying in bed “basking?” Shoot, that’s got to make you wonder who you’ve been with all this time.

On vacation

Now, I’m really not sure what would possess someone to call for a break up while on vacation but I can tell you what: I’m way too tight with my money for my good time to be totally interrupted with some news that could have been told to me at the house.  And what if it is MID VACATION?! Now we’re stuck with each other for the rest of the trip? One of us may not make it back home alive.

During a Milestone

It could be your anniversary, you just bought a house, you just started a company together or you’re pregnant or just had a baby.  I mean, let’s really think about it: One of those things is happening in your life of togetherness and next thing you know, you’re not together anymore. Who waits until their anniversary to break up? Who signs business papers with someone knowing they don’t even want to be with them?  I can’t – I’m getting riled up just thinking about it.

Being provoked

So you and your love have been having problems.  There’s not a lot of communication right now and there’s some arguing going on. Nothing you can’t get through, right?  Wrong. Out of nowhere it seems, your boo starts arguing with you about something petty but also something they know will provoke you to respond with the same time of venom.  In the midst of your confusion as to why this argument is even happening, you hear them say the relationship is over. It happens.  One person is scared or too punk to have a civil conversation about the relationship coming to the end of the road so they push you into an argument and you might say something real harsh that’s just the ammunition they need to break up with you.


Maybe you’re out to dinner or maybe you’re at a friend’s or family’s house.  Either way, you’re not in the privacy of your own home yet you’re being broken up with for everyone to see.  That is a true trap when you have no warning as to what’s about to go down. There are some real suckers out there.  So what you have now is a public break up and these don’t ever end well.  Everyone can see what happens and these are the stories that are retold by others because they “couldn’t even believe it was happening right in front of me.” These are the moments that you think back on like two years later and say to yourself, “I’d punch him in the face right now if I saw him.”

A friend tells you

Not YOUR friend though…his friend.  You get a call from your man’s friend (or your girl’s friend if you like the ladies) who breaks the news to you that he’s decided to move on.  Let’s be CLEAR: it is CORNY when someone comes up to you and says that their friend wants to meet you so can you even imagine what it is like to have a friend call you and tell you the relationship is over? I’m convinced there might be some slow singing and flower bringing for both the messenger and the now ex significant other.

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