LORD, Take Me Now! Signs You Hate Your Job

February 3, 2012  |  
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We’ve all had to go through some less than glamorous jobs or deal with strenuous work to make it to the next level. Sometimes it helps us figure out what we DON’T want to do, and sometimes we suck it up so that we can get the experience that everyone keeps talking about. But some people don’t put on a happy face. They make it known, whether through conversation or by facial expression, that they HATE their job and every muthalover in the office. These are signs that you thoroughly loathe your job and that’s it’s time to do something about it–quit and find something better or suck it up and quit pouting!

Come in Late, But Leave on Time

You know your job isn’t making you the happiest when you barely feel inclined to walk in the place on time. You don’t necessarily have to be the first one in the building, and of course, everyone has their days when they have extenuating circumstances that cause them to show up late. We get that. However, if everybody else comes in at 9 a.m. and you’ve created a new work time for yourself that starts at 9:30, you’ve got the game all wrong.

Don’t Speak to Too Many People

Aside from your manager, the people you’re paired up with for projects and a few other people who work in your building–you can’t stand your co-workers. Hey, sometimes that happens when you’re at a job you enjoy too. But when you don’t even make an effort to get to know people to come to an accurate conclusion about them, it’s clear you’re not a happy camper. You don’t meet up with the rest of the group for drinks, you don’t stay long during the holiday parties, and when you’re walking down the hall and encounter a co-worker, you keep your eyes down so you don’t have to acknowledge them. A person might not click with their co-workers like that, but they can still be cordial. However, when you hate everything about the place you work at, including the people, it seems you’re not trying to make nice because you don’t want to get attached to anyone–you plan on leaving REALLY soon so there is no point.

Can’t Take Directions/Criticism Well From the Higher Ups

Out of all the things that can make a person mad, you know you’re fed up with your job when you don’t even like people to ask you to do it and do it well. While you might have been more eager and excited to take advice and criticisms from your manager early on, now that you’re pretty sick and tired of your current occupation, you tune out when they try and give you directions. In fact, you’re probably thinking about telling your boss where they can stick those directions…

You Just Dread Going

The alarm went off this morning and you were literally curled up in the fetal position and almost in tears at the prospect of facing your dumb a** peers and your mean a** boss again. Instead of getting up early, or honestly, just getting up with enough time to get dressed so you won’t be late, you woke up at the last minute, stayed in the bed for 15 more minutes and got up five minutes before you were scheduled to be in the office. You feel like a little piece of yourself is dying as you wake up to brush your teeth, and when you finally walk in the place to be, you have nothing to say to anyone. The only time you really pep up is when the hour hits 5 p.m.

Take Extra Long Lunches

And to top it off, you don’t even eat during your lunch! While everyone else is making new connections (or low-key trying to get laid this weekend) in the cafeteria, you’re down the street at a favorite boutique shopping it up and talking mess about everyone in your job on the phone while you look around. Afterwards, you come back an hour later, try and hide what you bought and play as crazy as possible when somebody asks you why you weren’t at your desk for such a long time.

You’re Extremely Bold

Instead of stepping out to talk on the phone or simply not picking up the phone at all while at work, in the quiet office, you decide to pick it up and have an extended conversation about nothing with a friend or boyfriend. You text back and forth for hours on the sales floor at your job, hiding behind clothing racks and office decorations while looking over your shoulder every few minutes. Funniest of all, you’re looking for a new job while at work on the computer they gave you and telling anybody who will listen that when the time comes…you’re “outta” there!

Girl, I know you’re fed up, but you have GOT (that’s right, “got”) to do better…

Ever felt this way about a job you had?

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