Grammy Award-Winning Robert Glasper Celebrates Black Music’s Impact on the American Sound

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Grammy Award-winning musician and composer Robert Glasper celebrates the American sound through his work, a genre-defying fusion of jazz, R&B, hip-hop and rock.

“One of the reasons I blend all the genres in music together is because Black music is a big house,” says the eclectic virtuoso. “It has a lot of rooms, and I like to go room to room.”

The five-time Grammy winner is a master collaborator and composer, creating music with everyone from Big K.R.I.T. to Musiq Soulchild to Norah Jones. His latest album Black Radio III snagged a Grammy for Best R&B Album this year.

Glasper, who released his debut album Mood in 2002, is celebrated for his thoughtful artistry as a composer, songwriter, pianist and more. His playful and experimental approach to music translates to his records’ warm and welcoming spirit.

Much like INFINITI’S elegant and human-centric design, Glasper imbues the same care and craftsmanship into his music. “I need the same level of comfort, sophistication and connection when I’m in the studio working with amazing artists,” the artist says.

Early Roots in Music

Glasper’s musical education began as a little boy in Houston, Texas. “My real first jam session was … my dad washing his car, playing Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Isley Brothers, and I’m playing along with the drums,” he says.

His mother made a big impact as well. Singing at a jazz club every Friday and Saturday night, she would invite Glasper on stage to perform with her. “She’s in my music. She’s the reason why I do this,” he says.

After seeing the young musician perform, the bartender at the club put in a good word for Glasper with the jazz director at the local High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He auditioned and secured his spot at the school. “That’s where my jazz journey began,” he says.

Glasper’s next major milestone in his musical odyssey was moving to New York for college. “New York is where hip-hop was born and bred,” he says. “That was my very first intro to hip-hop.”

Sparking His Creative Process

Glasper’s creative process often comes to life while driving in his car. “The freedom that I have when I’m driving is the same freedom that I have when I’m creating music,” he says. “They both are my safe space.”

The musician would see or hear something that would spark his imagination on his way to the studio, then rush inside to record as soon as he arrived. “That’s happened on so many of my albums,” he says. “It happens all the time.”

Once he’s in the studio with his collaborators, Glasper’s creative journey begins with setting the right vibe. “That’s the very beginning of my process … is setting the vibe correct,” he says.

Luxury That Inspires

The innovative luxury of INFINITI provides the perfect setting for Glasper’s creativity to flow. Great style, design and craftsmanship touch every part of the maestro’s life, whether it’s his eclectic sound or vehicle. As a musical visionary, Glasper can appreciate that it’s all in the details.

“Luxury to me is a life lived with style, sophistication and comfort,” he says. “When I make music, it’s about the details, the layers, the craftsmanship—creating that unique sound that’s Infinitely You.”