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We all fell in love with The Misadventures Awkward Black Girl web series and are truly excited for its success. Many of us can relate to J’s natural awkwardness and have been in similar situations. The series has also showed us how us awkwards deal with the tricky topic of romance.

Here are some love lessons we learned from J and the crew:

You Won’t Always End Up With Your Crush

Unlike what most romantic comedies teach us, sometimes your dream guy isn’t the person you’re going to end up with. J had a huge crush of Fred. Fred was the nice guy in the office. He actually gave J attention and in the beginning gave some notion that he was into her. However he didn’t really give off this vibe that he wanted her more than just a friend, until White J came into the picture. There’s something about another dude in the picture that makes men have the worst possible timing.

Even though J liked Fred for a long time and was glad that he finally admitted his feelings, she still didn’t choose him in the end. Why? Maybe because of his corny acoustic guitar bit (some people would argue that it’s romantic) or because Fred waited way too long.

“Besties before Testies”

J deciding to stay out with White J as opposed to going to the party where Cece was waiting, was coldblooded! Lesson from that episode? If you made plans with your girlfriends first, don’t flake just because you can spend time with your boo. No one likes a flaking friend. But J knew that after she apologized in the next episode. Especially after the embarrassing White J meeting with his attractive ex and forgetting her name. I guess that was a bit of karma on J’s end. At least she kissed and made up with CeCe and got her man at the end of the day.

We’ve All Had That One Person We Wish We Didn’t Hook Up With

That was A to J. Many of us can remember that drunken hook with a person you thought was attractive, due to the level of intoxication and loneliness. You don’t have to admit it right now, but you know you’ve been there before. Then right after that he won’t leave you alone. Constant awkward conversations as you unsuccessfully try to avoid them. Unfortunately in J’s case he worked in the same office as her so there was no way to completely dodge. So you’re always reminded by your terrible drunk choices.

J has taught us that it’s not smart to hook up when you’re under the influence and at a work party. You may not end up with the guy you really wanted to be with.

Office Romance Will Always Be Difficult

As I  mentioned in the last slide, J hooking up with someone she works with made it hard for her to avoid him. But falling for Fred put her in an office love triangle. It was obvious from the get go Nina liked Fred too, making her the competition. Nina and Fred were together, but it was never official. Nina is the type of woman who knows what she wants and will take it, unlike J who over the season had to grow into herself.

J and Nina already didn’t get along, but there was an indication of J being into Fred and Nina could tell. So she did want any jealous woman would do. She made J’s life a living hell. You remember episode 10. It was like Boss Lady leaving for a week made Nina Queen, or in this case Headmaster. Having that office romance and love triangle isn’t worth all the drama. If you like to think of yourself as someone who isn’t into unnecessary drama, avoid office romances.

Keep Your Raps About Your Love Troubles To Yourself

Remember when younger and even more awkward J proposed her love to a guy through one of her infamous raps? You saw how that went down. Moral of this story, keep your raps to yourself. She came off like a crazy going  grow up to be a lonely cat lady. Unfortunately when women do something romantic and in this case daring, we come off like psychos. Maybe if she didn’t admit she had a thing for this guy in front of all of his friends, it would of made it less embarrassing and painful to watch. But hey that’s the cost you have to pay when you’re “one of the guys”. Instead of being something sweet, they all laughed at her and thought she was so freak. Poor J.

You may have to give the guy you brushed off, a second chance

Where would J be if she hadn’t gotten over her initial disgust and given White Jay a chance? Probably still waiting on Fred to make a move. What was so special about the course of J and White Jay’s relationship is the fact that it blossomed from virtually nothing. Through them we learned that just because a man doesn’t make the greatest first impression, doesn’t mean he is definitely not the man for you. Now, this doesn’t mean accept just anything, but once you know he’s not crazy, don’t be afraid to give him a chance.

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