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The couple’s retreat comes to an end, but marriage problems go unresolved depending on who you ask.  Kimmi stirs the pot, Melody and Martell join forces and Destiny discusses everyone’s business but her own. Season 5 of Love and Marriage: Huntsville promises to be a wild ride and episode 3 is setting the stage for the drama.


The Never-Ending Retreat

It’s the final day of the retreat and the Scott families sit down for breakfast. The Whitlows left early so Tiffany could attend a work function. The Scotts believe they left because they “couldn’t handle” Dr. Francis’ critique. While it’s understandable why they would find some humor in the Whitlows getting a taste of their own medicine, the jokes are overkill. Especially, when both Scott brothers tend to dance around their own marital issues by using humor, deflection and word salad. Therefore, it is baffling to hear Dr. Francis say he is “most concerned” about the Whitlow’s marriage.  

We see more of Kimmi and Maurice’s session with Dr. Francis. The good doctor suggests Maurice treat his wife like a partner in their marriage, instead of a vessel for sex and servitude. Maurice seemed to be receptive but then continued to make sex-related jokes that were clearly not funny to Kimmi. The frustrated wife said they had the same conversations in premarital counseling, and nothing has changed. They dated for eight years before they married. If Maurice wanted to change, it would have happened years ago. 


Girls’ Day Out

Kimmi, Destiny and Latisha meet up for a day of shopping. The sisters-in-law probe Destiny about her new bae. Destiny is keeping her new relationship close to the chest, as she should. In a later scene, we see Destiny talking to her new man on the phone, but she makes it clear that bae won’t be in front of the cameras any time soon. As usual, the ladies discuss Melody Holt and her marriage. Kimmi recounts her conversation with Melody from last season. Kimmy learned that Martell’s assistant Melneka was the Holt’s wedding planner. According to Melody, Melneka quit two weeks prior to the wedding after telling Melody that Martel was cheating. Melody also suggested her ex-husband, the serial cheater, may have smashed his assistant-wedding planner.

Destiny sips this stale tea and passes it on to Martell.


The Fellas Link Up

Martell, Louis and the Scott brothers meet up for a game of pool. The married men recap the retreat. Louis says he and Tiffany grew closer when they had to defend themselves against Dr. Francis’ accusations. Let Marsau tell it, he and Latisha never had problems in their marriage until these “outside influences” started to attack them. He then goes on to talk about the rope challenge where the spouses participated in a three-legged race. Marsau and Latisha excelled in this challenge and according to the younger Scott brother, this is an indication that their marriage is solid.

The elder Scott brother says the rope challenge taught him that he and his wife a have disconnect in their communication—ya think?

Martell says he misses being a husband and he is ready to marry again. His longtime mistress-babymama seems willing to fill that void. Just saying.


The Exes

Melody goes to Martell’s house to drop the children off. She tells her ex-husband that Latisha’s mother Miss Wanda had their names in her mouth again. The messy grandmother did a live video on social media where she implied that the ex-couple’s youngest daughter Suga Mama wasn’t Martell’s child. That little cutie pie looks like her daddy. The former spouses agree that Miss Wanda needs to be checked. The last time she disrespected the Holt family, Martell stepped to her. Although she may have deserved a good cussing out, it’s never a good look for a man to run up on a woman the way he did. Melody told her ex that she would handle it this time.

Miss Wanda is a habitual line-crosser who needs to stay out her daughter’s beefs. But she seems to enjoy the attention she receives from stirring up  mess. It’s understandable why people would want to confront her. They would probably benefit more from ignoring her. But we already know, they won’t.

Love and Marriage: Huntsville will return Saturday, Oct. 1 at 8pm EST

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