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Method Man has taken accountability for an ugly moment he had with Destiny’s Child earlier in his career. The Wu-Tang Clan rep opened up about a time he wasn’t the best version of himself and let his ego get the best of him.

While on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, Method Man discussed a time he went to say hello to the ladies while overseas. He said he had met the group when it was comprised of its original four members and it was a pleasant interaction. A few years after their initial meeting at the MOBO Awards overseas, he saw them again. By this time, Michelle Williams had been added to the group. After he went over to speak to them, they didn’t respond to him. He said he mistook them not hearing him as them being rude and later over reacted.

We were at Janet Jackson’s Icon and I remember I had just come off stage and where we were sitting, there were nothing but VIPs. We had *NSYNC up here, Destiny’s Child right there, Tommy Lee was over here, [Pamela Anderson]. And I see the girls, so I kinda moseyed out of my seat to go over and say what’s up to them. Now, this is still me in my low self-esteem era. But I’m thinking like, comfort zone here, I’m gonna say what’s up to the girls. I love them, I’m just gonna say hi. I go over to say hi to them and when I said hi, they didn’t even turn around and acknowledge me.

Now, my a**, in my head, with my low self-esteem is like, ‘They just s****ed on me.’ When in fact, they didn’t even hear me. It was so loud in that motherf******. That’s the excuse that I’m giving right now—they didn’t even f****** hear me. Afterward, Rockwilder, he was gonna do the ‘Bootylicious’ song for them. He comes over, he’s talking to them, he’s like, ‘Oh, you know Red and Meth?’ And they put their hands out to shake, and I kept my hand here and was like, ‘Go ’head with that Hollywood s***.’”

Even decades later, Method Man said this moment still “hurts his heart.”

“But me being so miserable and in that f****** moment, I felt like they wasn’t treating me the way I should have been treated,” The POWER star continued. “Who am I to think that about these girls? They’re here to promote themselves and break records and things of that nature. And it was not about me, it was about Janet f****** Jackson. And to this day, man, I don’t think I’ve ever apologized for that.”

“I apologize to Beyoncé, I apologize to Kelly Rowland and Michelle—y’all did not deserve that at all,” he concluded.

Even though women across the country see Method Man as one of hip-hop’s sexiest men, he didn’t always feel that he was the prize. He got vulnerable when discussing his low self-esteem and said he hurt a lot of people because he was hurting.

“I didn’t like myself, so I didn’t like anybody f****** else,” he said. “So that meant anything that would have come in my circumference at that point in time was gonna get it. My family went through a lot with my a** during that era, man. And I can admit that I did take a lot of my f****** misery out on them, and they did not deserve it. And I took some of my misery out on people at Def Jam that did not f****** deserve it.”

Watch his appearance below.

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