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During a Juneteenth weekend performance in Dallas, Texas, Saucy Santana shouted out the gay community.  Between songs, the “Walk ‘Em Like A Dog” rapper explained to the audience why gay men are the “blueprint.”

“One time for the LGT in this b****,’ he told the audience.  “‘Cause I want you to know gays run the motherf***** world, b****. When these h*** need their hair done, they call the gays. When them h*** need a stylist, they call the motherf****** gays. When them h*** need they motherf****** face done, they call the gays. And when they need advice about their dog a** baby daddies they call the gays. ‘Cause we the motherf****** blueprint to this b*****.”

Saucy Santana also bigged himself up for holding it down in the rap game for his community.

“A gay rapper that’s really running s*** out here,” he added. “I’ve been holding it motherf****** down for all of us in this b****. So, don’t hate. Congratulate b****.”

The internet threw shade Santana’s way over these comments.

“Saucy Santana getting on stage and saying that women NEED gay men… to teach us, women… how to be women… is wild,” one woman tweeted. 

Many others pointed out that what he said is proof that Black gay and queer men can also be misogynistic.

“Men believing women are dumb, lack creativity & incapable of functioning w/out their guidance is nothing new,” someone else wrote on Twitter. “Men believing women are nothing more than ornamental is nothing new. Disdain for women is NOT NEW. Idk why y’all are shocked by Saucy Santana. Misogyny been here.”

Another person posted, “Saucy Santana is misogynistic like plenty of queer men. Someone’s proximity to femininity does not make them a woman, and someone’s proximity to femmephobia does not mean they can’t be misogynistic.”

Another Twitter user pointed out that gay men do a lot more than hair and makeup.

“Here we go again. Gay men are more than stylist, makeup artists, and a woman shoulder to cry on. Activists, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers and so much more. I’m sick of #saucysantana.”

One person did come to the 28-year-old rapper’s defense and said he was telling the truth about gay men’s role in women’s lives.

“Saucy Santana did not say that we need gay men to ‘teach’ us how to be women, at least not in the clip I saw. He said that we call gay me to do our hair and makeup and I mean… he didn’t lie. The top stylists in the game are gay black men.”

Watch what he had to say below.

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