The average daily hotel rate rose to roughly $150 per night earlier this year, according to Bloomberg. CNBC reports that airline prices are up 25 percent over the last year. Of course, if  you’ve tried to book any travel recently, none of this surprises you. You’ve seen the cost for yourself, and likely had to either shorten your trip, downgrade your hotel or make other major changes to stick to your travel budget. These costs are a nuisance to everyone but can be heartbreaking for a couple struggling to find affordable honeymoon destinations.

The Knot reports that couples spend an average of $4,600 on a honeymoon. But now we know that $4,600 won’t get you far in many destinations these days. Some more traditional destinations like Hawaii or Paris could be out the window. But, don’t give up hope: we’re covering some honeymoon spots that are still affordable and won’t make you feel like you’re sacrificing anything.



Beautiful Big Rock Falls Waterfall in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the Caribbean Nation of Belize

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A representative with travel agency Travel with Sparkle told TravelPulse that Belize is a top destination their Black clientele are visiting in 2022. This beautiful location on the northeast coast of Central America has a wonderful mix of things to do on the sand and in the sea. Belize is home to the second-largest barrier reef on the planet, so it is naturally known for world-renowned snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s rich with beautiful old ruins to explore and nature preserves and has several honeymoon-worthy resorts right on the water at affordable nightly prices.


Tulum, Mexico

Aerial Tulum Coastline By The Beach With A Magical Caribbean Sea And Small Huts By The Coast. honeymoon destination

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Mexico has always topped lists of affordable honeymoon destinations. Tulum, Mexico is a safe destination and recently became a hot spot for Black American citizens wanting to live and work abroad. In fact, there’s an entire Facebook group called “Black in Tulum” with thousands of members. Located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum sits on the Caribbean Sea and has miles of clear blue water and pearly white sand. The nearby Tulum Mayan Ruins are great for a day trip, or you can just relax in one of the many budget-friendly all-inclusive resorts, enjoying delicious buffets, water activities, entertainment and cocktails.


Lisbon, Portugal

Picturesque village Azenhas do Mar. Holiday white houses on the edge of a cliff with a beach and swimming pool below. Landmark near Lisbon, Portugal, Europe. Landscape at sunset.

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The people of Portugal are said to be some of the most welcoming in the world to visitors of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and the country has somehow remained an affordable European destination in spite of inflation. Lisbon itself is full of charming uneven cobblestone streets, incredible food and cocktails found in quaint family-owned restaurants, all tucked away in some of the most beautiful architecture. You can drink in the streets, so bringing a bottle of wine down to the water in this coastal city and watching the boats pass is a popular activity. You can often find live music at the many outdoor cafes, as well. Four-star hotels and upscale dining are also surprisingly affordable in this city.


Krabi, Thailand

Boardwalk or pontoon floating in the sea

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A buzzing forum on Trip Advisor discusses how the people of Thailand treat Black visitors, and those who have been there agree it’s a welcoming and friendly destination for Black visitors. Krabi is the site of some of Thailand’s most beautiful and world-renowned beaches. You can easily spend an entire day just lounging around in a hammock between two trees on one of these sparkling shores. There are also amazing ferry tours to take around the islands, and breathtaking Buddhist temples and sites to explore.


Costa Rica

A woman standing in a pool at the base of a small waterfall. Osa Peninsula

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Costa Rica is another place that’s been welcoming a large number of Black ex-pats in recent years, and even those who don’t want to permanently relocate there should definitely check it out for a romantic vacation. Everywhere you look in this Central American paradise you’ll see lush greenery, perfect blue water and probably some wildlife you’d never spot back in the U.S. It’s considered one of the last untouched tropical landscapes and will certainly help you and your partner forget everything you left behind in the real world. This is a great honeymoon spot for active couples who like to hike, zipline, visit wildlife sanctuaries and take a dip beneath waterfalls.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Lounge chairs and catamarans sit empty and unused on a cloudy day at the beach at a honeymoon destination

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Jamaica has remained one of the most affordable Caribbean destinations, and it’s easy to get to thanks to many U.S. airports offering flights to Montego Bay. Conveniently, Montego Bay is a great honeymoon spot so if you want your travels to stop there, they certainly can. Montego Bay boasts miles of sandy white beaches and crystal clear water, making it a great place to go snorkeling and scuba diving. It has several all-inclusive resorts, but it also has plenty of quaint boutique hotel options near the water for those who want a less “touristy” experience. When the sun sets, Montego Bay also has incredible night life and is great for those who want to find a club and dance until the early morning hours.



Cruise ship moored in the harbor, overhead view, Caribbean honeymoon destinations

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Those open to secluded honeymoon destinations can enjoy the tropical islands of Antigua in the Caribbean. Antigua has incredible food, long stretches of pristine shore and some of the best bird watching in the world. It has a nice mix of natural and architectural landmarks to explore and plenty of lively outdoor markets to pick out souvenirs. Depending on which shore you visit, travelers can find hotels right on the water for under $200 a night, and if you’re willing to stay slightly inland, prices drop significantly.

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