Florida rapper Kodak Black gave Omerettà The Great her propers after she recently remixed his song “Super Gremlin, albeit an unorthodox praise: 

But according to Omerettà, she has “been the one.” These “hoes act like they don’t see me,” the Atlanta emcee alludes to being overlooked as she raps on the remixed track. She goes on to spit hard hitting lyrics that double down on why she regards herself “The Great,” and further reminds naysayers that she is very much a lyrical beast and force not be fucked with.


Omerettà has been doing her thing for quite a minute. Largely known as a cast member on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, MADAMENOIRE featured her in the 2021 article “8 Underrated Female Emcees Who Deserve Your Attention.” —And if we’re being honest, the braggadocious artist has every right to toot her own horn. After shaking up the hip hop scene and creating an even bigger buzz with the Atlanta proper diss track, “Sorry, Not Sorry,” we were, too, eager to speak with Omerettà because clearly I had questions.

Omerettà The Great 

Everybody else that’s not from the city. They think that all these people are from Atlanta, but they’re really not.  You know what I’m saying? So, I had to set the record straight, and I know a lot of people from Atlanta was happy about it.


So, can you start by telling me what part of Atlanta you are from?

Zone Three.


How was it like growing up over there in Zone Three?

It was fun. It was rough a little bit because we didn’t really have, like, a lot, but we made it work with what we had, and we had a lot of fun because we used to do, like, a lot of little bad stuff. We used to make our own fun.


So, what makes Zone Three different from Lithonia?

First of all, it’s, like, super far from the city. It’s like 30, 40 minutes from the city. Second of all, when you’re in the city. Okay, so the city was literally the city. Like, right by downtown, it’s like, a lot going on. Like, it’s fast. In Lithonia I tell you, it’s slow, suburban. Like, you got a house a couple of feet. It’s a space apart. It’s another house. Like, big houses, like, the grass is cut clean. It’s just a nice area, you know what I’m saying? But then when you go down to the city in Atlanta, it’s rough. You got houses, like, right next to each other, projects set on top of each other, like, trash in the street, homeless people everywhere. It’s a real fast-moving thing. But in Lithonia, it’s like, it’s way slow. It’s way more chill. They got, like, you know what I’m saying? Because I ain’t from Lithonia. I never keep it out there. I don’t know all the activities that they do, but I know I had a friend say it out there, and it was way nicer. We used to go to her house and just felt like, way nicer.


Sorry, not sorry. It still buzzing. You did a remix with a lot of Imma curse. That shit was high. That shit was hot. But I noticed because I followed you before the song came out that you show a lot of love to other female hip-hop artists.



Tell me about that a little bit. Why is that important? Why is that something that you do?

I think I just do. It like it’s just regular to me. I don’t know. I’m not the type of person that just like. Beef I feel like it takes up a lot of energy. I’m really a nice person, but I’m mean, and nice at the same time. It’s weird because I’m like, sweet and I’m kind, but I’m firm and I mean what I say, you know what I’m saying? But it’s like now I’m back. At this point, we’re just like, no matter. I don’t care. Like, if I, like, support you, and I’m like, root for you. You know what I’m saying?


And everybody was in their bag then, too. What was the impetus? Was your intention to hurt feelings?

I knew it was going to hurt feelings, but I just didn’t care. Like, I was trying to set the record straight because it’s like there’d be so many people saying that they from Atlanta, and it’s like, I’m actually from Atlanta for real. And I know a lot of people that actually from Atlanta for real. We hate that because it’s like, you know, you’re not from the city, but everybody else is not from the city. They think that all these people from Atlanta, but they’re really not. You know what I’m saying? So, I had to set the record straight. And like, I know a lot of people from Atlanta was happy about it. Yes. Not from here. From here, because you’re not. You from over there with somebody coming on my face that was like, actually after the civil rights movement, I’m like, look, we got to go back this far?


Right, right. You just did a song that paid homage. At least I felt like it paid homage to female rappers across the board, those who are present now and past rappers. So, who are some of your inspirations?

I’m not going to lie, I ain’t listen to female rappers growing up.

Yeah. I listened to Lil Wayne, Eminem, Jeezy. I like the gangster hard, real. You know what I’m saying? A lot of female artists, they come out like. You know what I’m saying? Another type of field. And I can’t really relate to that because that’s not my vibe. I like the listing of stuff that I go through. I like to listen to stuff I can relate to because I like to feel the music that I’m listening to. I don’t want to listen to anything I want doing this, and I ain’t really doing it. They don’t serve me no purpose, so I didn’t really listen to female artist/female rappers growing up.


Who do you listen to now? Who’s in your playlist right now?

It’s crazy because I really don’t be listening to music any more, but it’s because I’m an artist now and I know how easy stuff can rub off on me. So, I really try to limit, like, how much I listen. I listen to slime shawty from Atlanta, I listen to a lot of young and upcoming artists like, this guy named Fan The Dealer, this new dude named Little Man-Man He got this song that I like, and I got this new song by Coi Leray called Anxiety. And I really like this a lot. So, I like to see stuff I can relate to, but I really don’t be listening to people that much.


So, you’re in the studio hard right now?

Not really. I just went to the studio. Finna be in the studio hard because I got to come back like crazy. I really don’t try to be in the studio that way. It’s just for the simple fact that I don’t be trying to burn myself out. A lot of artists—they like to be in the studio every day or a lot of times a week. But I feel like for me it’s hard because I really give it my all when I put it out there. So, I don’t want to just be in the studio and continue to keep giving my all, and then I feel like I burn myself out. So, I try to pace myself.


That’s a good strategy, but I mean, you’re doing shows, for sure.



What was the love like? What’s the love like when you’re doing the shows? How are they receptive to not just your music and the song but just overall.

I feel like up to this point, it’s been pretty good. Like, in Lithonia, they wasn’t mad. You know what I’m saying? They showed me good love— like, even when I said Lithonia [is not Atlanta], they said it. When I went to College Park, though, that was a little saucy. But I knew that was going to be saucy anyway because they think they’re Atlanta and they’re not. You know what I am saying … 


What you got coming up?

I got a couple of singles on the way, and I’m gearing up for my project. I kind of want to drop a mixtape and then drop my album towards the end of the year. That’s, like, ideal for me.

But we’re going to see how all of these roll out, all right?


And what can we expect to hear?

Everything … I don’t stay in a box. I know alot of my new people that just follow because of sorry not sorry, are like—you’re going to be a one hit wonder or this all she got. And I’m like, y’all don’t know nothing about me because I got so many different lanes I can make … I’m coming with cocky bars. I’m coming with hot club music, real speedy stuff. I’m coming with the deep, the pain. I’m coming with the love, the vibe. It’s gonna be a picture of everything. That’s just who I am.


Can we expect any more collab? Because honestly, I was like, I want to see 50 more people on that track.

If I could have got, like, a lot of people from Atlanta, like, on the track, that’s what I really want to do. It didn’t go like that, but I think it would have been hard.


It’s not too late for it to happen. Thank you for stopping through. I know you’re a busy lady.

Thank you all for having me.

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