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ABC's "Queens" - Season One

Wilford Harewood

Naomi and Eric face the challenges of co-parenting, Valeria gets the opportunity of her dreams and Jill is reminded that no good deed goes unpunished.


Madison Pierce, star of the hit show Annacadabra, is released from jail. Madison learns her co-star Jill bailed her out. When she asks why, Jill tells her that she wants to sign her to Nasty Girl Records.

Three days earlier, while filming a scene with Jill, Madison appears to be disjointed while continuously forgetting her lines. Madison’s momanger forces her to take Adderall. Madison tells Jill she no longer wishes to perform under the Annacadbra persona. Although she is 21-years-old, she is under a conservatorship which leaves her overbearing mother in control of her career. Jill hires an attorney to help Madison gain her independence.


Now that Madison is free from the conservatorship, Jill tries to convince the girls to sign her to Nasty Girl Records. They are reluctant at first, but they are blown away when they hear Madison sing.

ABC's "Queens" - Season One

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The newly-independent songstress meets with the ladies to sign with Nasty Girl Records, so they think. Instead, Madison tells them Universal offered her $5 Million. Madison is going where the money resides. Jill is crushed.


Nasty Girl Records needs a new artist, and Naomi scours through SoundCloud in search of the right fit. When she is unsuccessful in her search, she convinces Valeria to release her album early. Valeria is reluctant until she learns that Naomi coordinated a collaboration with fellow Puerto Rican musician, Resonance. Eager to reconnect with her Latin roots, Valeria is excited to have the opportunity to rap in Spanish. But Resonance is attempting to cross over into the mainstream, so he insists that Valeria speak English. When Valeria protests, Resonance refuses to work with her.

After some coaxing from Naomi, Valeria apologizes to Resonance and agrees to record her verse in English. When she goes in the booth, she does the exact opposite.  Resonance and his team appear to be impressed with her Spanish flow, but they still drop her like a hot potato.

Valeria approaches Resonance again. She expresses her deep desire to reconnect with her roots. Resonance stands firm in his decision not to perform with Valeria, but he does agree to produce a new song for her, that she performs in Spanish.

ABC's "Queens" - Season One

Source: Wilford Harewood / Getty

Co-parents, Co-producers

Naomi receives a call from the dean of Hellman College, she learns JoJo has not attended class in two months. When JoJo is confronted by her parents, she tells them that she is no longer interested in being a classical pianist. Hip hop is her new passion. Naomi isn’t having it, she demands Jojo go back to school immediately. Eric attempts to advocate for his daughter to no avail.

JoJo visits her dad in the studio and persuades him to let her record a song. Eric is pleasantly surprised by his daughter’s talent, yet he encourages her to put rapping on the back burner for now. JoJo secretly uploads the song to SoundCloud.

Naomi decides to give SoundCloud another try.  She is shocked when she realizes an emcee with the perfect flow is her daughter. Naomi becomes furious when she reads misogynistic comments about Jojo’s body. The protective mother explains that she wants to shield Jojo from the dark side of hip hop.  However, Naomi can’t deny her baby is talented.


Mother and daughter come to an agreement. Jojo agrees to stay in school. She also becomes Nasty Girl Record’s newest artist.

The Queens returns Feb 8, at 10PM on ABC

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